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“Half in US Are Now Concerned Global Warming Believers”

Trend: U.S. Global Warming Opinion Groups


With a record number of Americans sounding the alarm on global warming, the share of the U.S. population that Gallup categorizes as “Concerned Believers” on climate change has consequently reached a new high of 50%. This is up slightly from 47% in 2016 but is well above the 37% recorded only two years ago.

“‘Climate change is real’: companies challenge Trump’s reversal of policy”

‘We will continue to support the EPA’s clean power plan,’ says vice-president of environmental affairs at Staples.


In 2015, when Barack Obama signed the nation’s clean power plan, more than 300 companies came out in support, calling the guidelines “critical for moving our country toward a clean energy economy”. Now, as Donald Trump moves to strip those laws away, Mars Inc, Staples and The Gap are just a few of those US corporations who are challenging the new president’s reversal on climate policy.

“Alien intelligence: the extraordinary minds of octopuses and other cephalopods”

An Australian giant cuttlefish


After a startling encounter with a cuttlefish, Australian philosopher Peter Godfrey-Smith set out to explore the mysterious lives of cephalopods. He was left asking: why do such smart creatures live such a short time?

“New Zealand river granted same legal rights as human being”

Prince Harry paddles down the Whanganui river during a visit to New Zealand in 2015.


In a world-first a New Zealand river has been granted the same legal rights as a human being.

“46 Dogs Saved From Slaughter in South Korea Arrive in New York”

Forty-six dogs were flown to New York from South Korea after being rescued at a farm where they were to be slaughtered for human consumption, animal advocates said Sunday.

“Haddock from UK waters removed from sustainable seafood list”

The MCS suggests fish-eaters should buy haddock from the north-east Arctic and Iceland.


It is among the most popular fish in the UK, but haddock may soon be off the menu in some fish and chip shops because of dwindling stocks.

“Sea change needed for low-carbon economy”

A report published by the IEA and the International Renewable Energy Agency found the share of fossil fuels used to satisfy energy demand would need to be cut in half by 2050 and emissions would need to fall more than 70 percent to keep the mean temperature from rising.

“Belgian zoo shortens rhinos’ horns after French killing”

A Belgian zoo said Saturday it will shorten its rhinos’ horns as an anti-poaching measure following the grisly killing of a white rhino in France.

“How to Make Electricity in a Disused Coal Mine”

Germany’s decision to turn a coal mine into a pumped-hydro-storage station may solve two of the most intractable challenges created by its shift to clean power. On a local level, it provides new economic activity in a region where generations of workers have relied on fossil fuel for their livelihoods. On a regional level, it catalyzes the expansion of renewable energy by helping to maintain electric capacity even when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.