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“Carbon Emissions Hit a Record High”

Carbon emissions from fossil-fuel use hit a record last year after energy demand grew at its fastest pace in a decade, reflecting higher oil consumption in the U.S. and more coal burning in China and India.

“Study: Thawing alpine permafrost a stealth source of CO2”

As alpine permafrost thaws, new sources of decaying organic matter become available to CO2-emitting microbes. Climate scientists and their models may be underestimating this stealthy source of carbon dioxide, according to a new study.

“The US government will pay you $1,000 to adopt a wild horse”

Too many wild horses.

Typically, the US Bureau of Land Management captures wild horses and keeps them in corrals, where they cost the agency around $2,000 per year in food and veterinary care. But with 6,000 animals currently in their care, the BLM corrals are at capacity, and numbers of the wild-roaming population continue to rise, Boise radio reports.

So the agency is offering to pay people who adopt one.

“Mind-boggling experiment suggests multiple realities can exist at the SAME TIME”

In the most recent studies, particles were given names (illustrated above) to represent fictional observers in the Wigner's Friend experiment. In this, one person observes the photon, sending it to either a vertical or horizontal state, while Wigner, who is outside of the lab, runs a test to prove that the photon is still in a state of superposition
  • A long-pondered thought experiment finally get a laboratory test
  • The result prove that two subjects with opposing observations can be right
  • Findings challenge the fundamental nature of how science is conducted 

“Cows Set to Roam Freely Again in One of London’s Richest Suburbs”

‘Hampstead Heath, Branch Hill Pond’ by John Constable.

Cows may soon be grazing freely across Hampstead Heath, a vast expanse of countryside in one of London’s wealthiest boroughs.

Six cows could be moved to an enclosure on the heath for a trial period in June in the first stage of the plan, a joint venture between the City of London Corp., the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and the Heath & Hampstead Society conservation trust, the Times reported on Saturday. Conservationists are hoping that the plan will then be expanded and ultimately big herds will graze freely across large parts of the heath, controlling vegetation in a natural way, the newspaper said.

“EU agrees on new rules to counter investment ‘greenwashing'”

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: EU flags fly outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels

The European Union agreed on Thursday on a new law that forces asset managers, insurers and pension funds to disclose environmental risks in their investments.

“‘Grandfather’ of climate science Wallace Smith Broecker gave one last warning before death”

'Grandfather' of climate science Wallace Smith Broecker gave one last warning before death

Days before his death, Wallace Smith Broecker, the “grandfather” of climate science, urged his colleagues to deploy a solar shield in a last-ditch effort to combat global warming.