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Fossil shark named after 80s video game

The shark swam in the rivers of what is now South Dakota, US, about 67 million years ago, living alongside iconic dinosaur species such as T. rex. 

“First known omnivorous shark species identified”

Bonnethead shark


It is one of the most radical rebrandings in history: contrary to their bloodthirsty image, some sharks are not irrepressible meat eaters, but are happy to munch on vegetation too.

“Trump told Stormy Daniels he wants all sharks to die. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.”

trump shark stormy daniels ap Schalk van Zuydam


Most animals in marine food webs have two main roles: the eater and the eaten. Not so for the large sharks that Trump reportedly reviles. These powerful creatures eat other animals, but hardly anything eats them. Known as apex predators, sharks sit atop the food web, shaping the structure and interactions of marine communities by both feasting smaller animals and frightening them into behaving a certain way. Kill off apex predators, and their erstwhile prey explodes in number—and, consequently, the smaller animals and plants that the prey eats disappear.


“How Overfishing And Shark-Finning Could Increase The Pace Of Climate Change”


While scientists have long been aware of the decline of marine ecological communities, little work has been done on how fishing or shark finning can affect ecosystem level processes, including climate change. Our new study shows how large-scale ecosystem effects can occur as a result of predator removal, including increased production of biological carbon dioxide in the ocean.

“Shark Diving Prompts Island Nations to Urge End to Fin Trade”

Thresher Shark


Island nations that will call for the protection of sharks at a global conservation conference starting in South Africa this week need the support of bigger countries to reverse the decline of the fish, whose fins are coveted in Asia, according to activists.

“WWF buys shark fishing licence on Great Barrier Reef to scrap it”

A whitetip reef shark on the Great Barrier Reef. WWF says the long nets catch almost anything they pass over, including dugongs, dolphins and turtles.


A conservation group has taken the unusual step of buying a commercial shark fishing licence on the Great Barrier Reef, and will retire it, saving the sharks that it would otherwise be used to catch.

“Shark Cull Abandoned in Australia as Policy Debunked as Flawed”



Western Australia will halt a shark cull introduced after seven fatalities in three years as the state’s environmental agency said there was a lack of proof the program reduced attacks.

The state will stop catching and killing sharks using baited hooks on drum lines, Premier Colin Barnett said in a radio interview today. Authorities will retain the option of destroying “rogue” sharks threatening beachgoers, he said.

“Shark Parks, DNA Seen as Best Chance of Conservation”



Shark conservationists are tracing DNA to save endangered species and encouraging the establishment of sanctuaries for the predatory fish, according to scientists with The Pew Charitable Trusts.