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“U.K. Braced for Record-Breaking Wet Winters Blames Climate Shift”


Changing weather patterns caused by increasing global temperatures means meteorologists can no longer rely on historical rainfall records to predict future weather events. Instead, a new supercomputer at the Met Office simulated thousands of possible scenarios using current climate patterns.


“Arctic ice melt ‘already affecting weather patterns where you live right now'”

Ice in Arctic ocean in Svalbard


Soaring Arctic temperatures ‘strongly linked’ to recent extreme weather events, say scientists at cutting edge of climate change research.

“Study: Global warming ‘doubles risk’ of extreme weather”



Extreme weather arising from a climate phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean will get much worse as the world warms, according to climate modelling.

Parts of the world will have weather patterns that switch between extremes of wet and dry, say scientists.

The US will see more droughts while flooding will become more common in the western Pacific, research suggests.

The study, in Nature Climate Change, adds to a growing body of evidence over climate change and extreme weather.

“While The West Dries Up, The East Is Drenched”



While the East Coast was pummeled by rain this week, several western and Midwestern states remain in severe drought.



Extreme weather has become a continental problem rather than just  a global one.

Disaster Alert




Seventy Seven percent of Americans think that the weather will be controlled in the next 50 years. That’s a dangerous level of complacency.

Climate Change Might Just Be Driving the Historic Cold Snap


It’s polar bear weather today for much of the Midwest. Temperatures are in the -20sº F (-28º C) and -30sº F (-35º C) in eastern Montana, North Dakota, northeast South Dakota, Minnesota and northern Iowa. With the stiff wind, it’s even worse—wind chills in the -40sº F (-40º C) and -50sº F (-45º C) are common across Minnesota and North Dakota, cold enough for exposed skin to suffer frostbite in just five minutes. By tonight, the freeze will reach the East Coast, where temperatures from Florida to Maine are expected to be 30º F to 40º F (16º C to 22º C) degrees below normal, extremes that haven’t been seen in decades. The National Weather Service isn’t kidding when it calls the cold “life-threatening.”