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“Hydroelectric Dams Threaten Brazil’s Mysterious Pantanal – One Of The World’s Great Wetlands”


What we do know is that too many dams on the rivers that feed the Pantanal would disrupt the natural rhythm of the wetland. Large-scale cattle ranchers, soy farmers and city dwellers drive year-round demand for water and energy, which would put the seasonal flood “pulse” at risk. In this scenario, species that have adapted themselves over thousands of years to life in an on-off wetland may find themselves thrown out of sync.

Brazil opens vast Amazon reserve to mining

Trees tree-tops in the Amazon rainforest in the Amazon basin, Brazil, June 2012 Getty images


Brazil’s government has abolished a vast national reserve in the Amazon to open up the area to mining.

“Rio 2016 Apologizes for Olympic Jaguar After Army Shoots It Dead!”

Rio 2016 mascot Vinicius.


Rio de Janeiro’s local Olympics organizing committee apologized after a chained jaguar used in a photograph with the Olympic torch was shot dead.

“Biologists race to save fish from Brazil river contaminated by dam collapse”

A rescue worker searches for victims next to a river of mud


Teams of biologists are rushing to rescue fish from a river that was contaminated after two dams at an iron ore mine in Brazil collapsed earlier this month,unleashing a deadly wave of mud.

Mining company Samarco said in a statement that it was providing logistical support to the so-called Operation Noah’s Ark effort aimed at saving aquatic life from the now-turbid waters of the Doce river. Experts have warned that the ecological harm caused by the 5 November breaches could last a generation.

“Seven new species of miniature frogs discovered in cloud forests of Brazil”


Seven new species of miniature frog, smaller than bumblebees, have been discovered clinging to survival on isolated mountaintops in Brazil.

The largest of the new discoveries has a maximum adult length of just 13mm. The frogs, which are among the smallest land vertebrates, have evolved with fewer fingers and toes in order to reduce their size.

“Farmers Seeking Heat Relief Signal Brazil Climate Peril”



Brazil may see a mass migration of crops and farm workers from huge swaths of currently tillable lands to more temperate zones as global warming takes hold, according to leading climate experts in the country.