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“London’s Covid-Safe Commute Idea: Open-Air Buses”

A safer, breezier ride to work?


A London-based company is offering an alternative mass transportation mode that addresses some fears about coronavirus infection risks on public transit: a commuter service using open-topped buses. On-demand bus company Snap is currently testing a new offering that would ferry Londoners to and from work in some of the city’s 233 roof-less tourist buses. These are those double-decker vehicles with an open-air upper deck, used in cities worldwide to ferry sightseers about on “hop on, hop off” routes. Most of the London fleet is parked due to an absence of visitors; Snap is hoping to redeploy the open-topped tourist buses as Covid-safe pop-up transportation for locals, extending the pandemic-era trend of outdoor living to public transport. 

“Cows Set to Roam Freely Again in One of London’s Richest Suburbs”

‘Hampstead Heath, Branch Hill Pond’ by John Constable. 


Cows may soon be grazing freely across Hampstead Heath, a vast expanse of countryside in one of London’s wealthiest boroughs.

Six cows could be moved to an enclosure on the heath for a trial period in June in the first stage of the plan, a joint venture between the City of London Corp., the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and the Heath & Hampstead Society conservation trust, the Times reported on Saturday. Conservationists are hoping that the plan will then be expanded and ultimately big herds will graze freely across large parts of the heath, controlling vegetation in a natural way, the newspaper said.

“London May Have World’s Strictest Anti-Pollution Rules by 2019”


London may have the world’s most stringent rules against vehicle emissions by 2019, according to a proposal from Mayor Sadiq Khan.

“London’s Mayor Issues First ‘Very High’ Air Pollution Alert”


Sadiq Khan issued the first “very high” air pollution alert of his eight-month tenure as London mayor, advising citizens to reduce physical exertion and avoid running outside.

“London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just five days”

Air pollution and traffic in Putney high street on 3 January 2017, one of London’s worst pollution hotspots


London has breached its annual air pollution limits just five days into 2017, a “shameful reminder of the severity of London’s air pollution”, according to campaigners.

“David Attenborough unveils UK’s newest nature reserve in east London”

Sir David Attenborough at the Woodberry Wetlands nature reserve in East London.


The UK’s newest nature reserve was opened in east London over the weekend by Sir David Attenborough. Overshadowed by council tower blocks and swanky high rise developments, the 11 hectare (27 acres) site which includes a reservoir that supplies water to millions of Londoners, has become home to some of Britain’s more threatened birds including kingfishers, bitterns and Cetti warblers.

“London’s Dirty Secret Pollutes Like Beijing Airpocalypse”



London has a dirty secret.

Levels of the harmful air pollutant nitrogen dioxide at a city-center monitoring station are the highest in Europe. Concentrations are greater even than in Beijing, where expatriates have dubbed the city’s smog the “airpocalypse.”

It’s the law of unintended consequences at work. European Union efforts to fightclimate change favored diesel fuel over gasoline because it emits less carbon dioxide, or CO2. However, diesel’s contaminants have swamped benefits from measures that include a toll drivers pay to enter central London, a thriving bike-hire program and growing public-transport network.


An unintended consequence of EU membership?

Billionaire To Support Electric Carsharing Network In London



Billionaire Vincent Bollore will back an electric carsharing network in London. The system will have thousands of electric vehicle charging stations and should be operating in late 2014 or early 2015.