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“Banks Are Finally Starting to Account for Climate Change Risk “

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Hidden carbon footprints on the books could be the next dodgy mortgage.


“The Science of Resurrecting Extinct Species”

Image result for white rhino DNA

There’s an ambitious plan underway to save the Northern White Rhino.

“China Drone Attack on Crop-Eating ‘Monster’ Shows 98% Kill Rate”

Atomisation spraying effect.

An army of drones deployed to fight a crop-devouring pest in a southern area of China has recorded a mortality rate of as high as 98%, according to the manufacturer.

“Scientists and designers are proposing radical ways to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic”

If planting more trees can replenish forests and remove carbon dioxidefrom the atmosphere, then could we also repopulate the Arctic with ice?That’s a question posed by a team of Indonesian designers with an eye-catching response to the climate crisis: iceberg-making submarines.

“Solar Real Estate Is Hiding in Plain Site on Europe’s Rooftops”

Milan’s rooftops rendered by the European Space Agency’s CORINA Land Cover satellite service.

Europeans can massively expand low-cost solar generation just by tapping the space over their heads.

That’s the conclusion of researchers who used satellite imagery, electricity prices and lending data to assess the untapped energy potential of Europe’s buildings. Rooftop area three times the size Luxembourg is available and could economically supply almost a quarter of the bloc’s power, according to a paper published in Elsevier’s October edition of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

“Newly discovered organ may be lurking under your skin”

Most people who’ve been jabbed by a needle know the drill: First the pierce, then the sharp, searing pain and an urge to pull away, or at least wince. While the exact circuitry behind this nearly universal reaction is not fully understood, scientists may have just found an important piece of the puzzle: a previously unknown sensory organ inside the skin.

“How Shoes, Wallets and Even Teslas Are Going Vegan: QuickTake”

Pineapple leaf fibers

Environmentally conscious consumers aren’t just fretting about what they eat. Some are starting to shun clothes and other products made from animal hides and are opting instead for synthetic and natural alternatives. Collectively these have become known as vegan leather. Even Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. will offer a “fully vegan” car. These alternatives to leather are often cheaper. The question for consumers is: Are they better for the planet?