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“U.K. Weighs Mandatory Climate Reporting in Green Finance Push”

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The U.K. said it’s considering rules that force companies to disclose the risks they have related to climate change as part of a broader push to boost investment for green priorities.

The Treasury also called on the financial services industry to take the lead in stimulating investment for cleaning up energy and infrastructure in support of the government’s measures to rein in climate change. 


“Extinct species of bird came back from the dead, scientists find”

The white-throated rail colonized the Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean -- twice.


The extremely rare process is known as iterative evolution — the repeated evolution of a species from the same ancestor at different times in history.

“Greenland is melting even faster than experts thought, study finds”

“Climate change is eliminating giant chunks of ice from Greenland at such a speed that the melt has already made a significant contribution to sea level rise, according to a new study. With global warming, the island will lose much more, threatening coastal cities around the world.”

“Bank of England begins climate enforcement with a velvet glove”

Sarah Breeden, head of international bank supervision at the Bank of England.


Threadneedle Street would never publicly endorse action that causes disruption but the speech by Sarah Breeden, head of international banks supervision, suggests a degree of sympathy with the points being made by the protesters: that time is running out to prevent catastrophic climate change and previous efforts to combat the problem have been nowhere near vigorous enough.

“New Satellite Photos Show Climate Change Is Sweeping Europe”



Climate change is picking up pace in Europe, thrusting farmers and power generators onto the front lines of a battle with nature that threatens to upend the lives of the half billion people who occupy the world’s biggest trading bloc.

Last year was the third hottest on record and underlines “the clear warming trend” experienced in the last four decades, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, which operates a network of satellites for the European Union that collects weather, soil, air and water data.

“EU agrees on new rules to counter investment ‘greenwashing'”

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The European Union agreed on Thursday on a new law that forces asset managers, insurers and pension funds to disclose environmental risks in their investments.

“‘Grandfather’ of climate science Wallace Smith Broecker gave one last warning before death”

'Grandfather' of climate science Wallace Smith Broecker gave one last warning before death


Days before his death, Wallace Smith Broecker, the “grandfather” of climate science, urged his colleagues to deploy a solar shield in a last-ditch effort to combat global warming.

“Man-Made Climate Change Causes Its First Mammal Extinction”

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Climate change officially killed off its first mammalian species earlier this week, when Australia’s environment minister moved a small coast-dwelling rodent from the endangered to the extinct list.

“Germany’s Dried-Up Rivers Cut Growth But the Rebound Is Coming”

Germany’s Dried-Up Rivers Cut Growth But the Rebound Is Coming.(January 23rd 2019)


Sinking water levels on Germany’s industrial rivers probably shaved at least 0.7 percentage point off economic growth last year, adding to a series of shocks that almost tipped the nation into a recession.

“Reindeer now smaller and lighter due to climate change, study finds”

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Reindeer herders in Finnish Lapland are concerned their prized animals are getting smaller because of climate change.