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“World Hunger Worsens as War and Climate Shocks Hit Food Security”


The number of people suffering from hunger last year rose at the fastest pace since at least the beginning of this century as conflicts and climate-related issues curbed access to food.


“Bison Returned From the Brink Just in Time for Climate Change”


The Savory Institute made an eyebrow-raising claim: When done right, raising ruminant animals—or those that chew their cud, such as bison, goats, sheep and cattle—can not only improve grasslands but actually mitigate climate change.

“France’s climate plan includes ending fossil fuel vehicle sales by 2040”

France’s climate plan includes ending fossil fuel vehicle sales by 2040

Just one day after we found out that Volvo intends to stop selling cars with exclusively internal combustion engine drivetrains by 2019, France’s minister of the environment Nicolas Hulot has detailed a plan to the Financial Times for the country that includes ending the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars by 2040. The effective ban will be achieved through a mix of financial incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, and increased taxes on older, internal combustion cars.

“Global Warming Might Be Speeding Up”

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Two climate scientists suggest they’ve come closer to resolving a critical debate about how quickly human activity will heat up the planet. The answer isn’t good news.

Some parts of the planet heat up more slowly than others, they explain. But as more time passes, regions once less affected by global warming will get hotter. Thus the bulk of planetary warming this century may actually be back-loaded onto its final decades.

“Carney’s CEO Club Gives $3.3 Trillion Muscle to Climate Fight”


Companies with a combined market value of more than $3.3 trillion — equivalent to all the goods and services produced annually by Germany — threw their weight behind Carney’s final report on climate change.

“Marine expert warns of climate emergency as fish abandon tropical waters”

Dr Daniel Pauly, principal investigator at the Sea Around Us research organisation


As climate change pushes marine species towards cooler waters, and the fishing industry expands around the globe, the tropics are emptying out, a leading fisheries expert has warned.

“U.S. to Join Climate Communique Showing Splits, Germany Says”


Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks told reporters Sunday in Bologna that talks with Scott Pruitt, chief of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, underlined agreement on such issues as pollution of the oceans. The G-7 states, “including the U.S.,” agreed on joint efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, though Pruitt “made clear” the nations are at odds on climate protection, she said.

“Advancing Sahara Desert Inflames Violent Struggle Over Land”


Battles over land and water are intensifying in Nigeria and other West African countries such as Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast, a region that’s battling Islamist militants linked to al-Qaeda and Islamic State. As the Sahara desert advances at a rate of what environmentalist group Fight Against Desert Encroachment estimates at 0.6 kilometers (0.37 miles) a year, herders who traditionally grazed their cattle on arid plains are increasingly being forced onto cropland. By trying to escape the desert nomads are unwittingly accelerating the desertification of less arid areas, according to the group.

“Trump to Withdraw U.S. From Climate Accord to Seek Better Deal”


President Donald Trump said he would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate pact, saying it favors other nations at the expense of American workers, a move that angered European allies, corporate executives and religious leaders.

Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Sleep


Climate change is coming for you in the night.

That’s the conclusion of scientists who study how heat disturbs sleep—and how projected warming is expected to make bad sleep even worse.