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“UK named as world’s largest legal ivory exporter”

Last month two tonnes of ivory were crushed in Central Park in New York, in a display jointly organised by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.


The new trade analysis, which is being released ahead of World Elephant Day on Saturday, will embarrass the government, after a call by Boris Johnson for “an all out ban” on ivory exports last month.

“Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040”

Petrol pumps


Britain is to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 amid fears that rising levels of nitrogen oxide pose a major risk to public health.

“Squid set to top chippy menus as seawater warms up”

fish and chips on a plate


It is the meal most associated with the UK, along with slurping tea and moaning about the weather. But the great British fish supper could be on the way out, replaced by more continental variations such as squid and chips, as seas continue to warm, the British Ecological Society will be told this week.

“Spectacular bearded vulture spotted for first time in UK”

Adult bearded vulture. Some lammergeier have been released in the Alps as part of reintroduction programmes.


A spectacular bearded vulture, believed to be the first recorded in the UK, has been spotted soaring over the Severn estuary and moorland in Devon.

If it is confirmed that the vulture, also known as the lammergeier or ossifrage, is a wild bird, it will be the first of its species to be found in Britain and the sightings have already caused ornithologists to rush to the west country hoping for a glimpse.

“UK families blow twice as much money on food waste as they think, research shows”


British families squander twice as much money on food waste each month as they think they do, according to YouGov research commissioned by Sainsbury’s.

The supermarket said it found that 81% of families of four believe they throw away less than £30 worth of food a month, when in reality they waste nearly double that at £58.30 a month, on average.

“Britain loses top energy rating after green policy U-turns”


Britain has lost its top-notch energy policy rating from the UN-accredited World Energy Council after the government prematurely cut some renewable energy subsidies, creating uncertainty about how it will address support in future.

The World Energy Council has downgraded Britain to an AAB rating, from AAA, inits annual “energy trilemma index”, which ranks countries’ energy and climate policies based on the issues of energy security, equity and sustainability.

Britain’s Wild Beaver Immigration Problem!!!

european beaver


The future looks gloomy for the first wild group of beavers to be spotted in England for around 500 years after the government revealed it intended to trap the dam-building critters.

A Defra spokesman said: “We intend to recapture and rehome these beavers and are currently working out plans for the best way to do so. All decisions will be made with the welfare of the beavers in mind.

“Depending on the source of the animals, they could be carrying a disease not currently present in the UK. In addition, beavers have not been an established part of our wildlife for the last 500 years. Our landscape and habitats have changed since then and we need to assess the impact they could have.”


Human’s have changed the landscape so much that early inhabitants are an environmental threat.

“NIMBY becomes FOTS”


Britain wind farm proposal scaled back in face of opposition


The developer of a controversial offshore wind farm in the English Channel announced this week it has reduced its size and moved it farther from shore.

Not In My Back Yard just a little Further Out To Sea. The bottom line is that it’s still out there, which is what counts.

“U.K. Support for EDF Atomic Deal May Distort Market, Europe Says”



U.K. support for Electricite de France SA’s plan to build Britain’s first nuclear plant in a quarter century may distort the market, the European Commission said, in a threat to government plans for an atomic renaissance.

The U.K. offered a credit guarantee and so-called contract-for difference at a price of 92.50 pounds a megawatt-hour for 35 years at the Hinkley Point site, double today’s market rate.




Britain can legitimately argue that the cost and risk of a nuclear project is so large that the risk-taker must be given government guarantees and incentives over the long-term. On the flip-side it looks like another issue that is pushing Britain out of the EU. Energy Security in Britain is clearly not a shared policy as the EU would like it to be. It looks like a deal-breaker on EU membership unless a compromise can be negotiated. France is in a sticky situation because EDF is a French company; so let’s see how they handle “le compromise” when Mr Cameron meets Mr Hollande in the near future.