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“Why Charging Your Electric Car at Night Could Save the World”


It’ll take more than just driving an electric vehicle to save the environment. You’ll have to charge it at the right time, too.

Put simply, if the world’s drivers plug in an increasingly large EV fleet right after work, it could undo many of the environmental benefits expected from fewer cars running on gasoline and diesel. Cutting pollution could come down to an act as unexceptional as waiting until bedtime to charge the minivan.


“VW to Build Electric Versions of All 300 Models by 2030”


Volkswagen AG is putting its full force behind a shift into electric cars as the world’s largest automaker accelerates away from combustion engines and tries to draw a line under the emissions-cheating scandal that’s weighed on the company for two years.

“China to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Cars in Electric Vehicle Push”

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China will set a deadline for automakers to end sales of fossil-fuel powered vehicles, a move aimed at pushing companies to speed efforts in developing electric vehicles for the world’s biggest auto market.

“Report: Oil fading as an energy source because of electric vehicles”


The global demand for oil will peak within the next five years, driven largely by the increased market presence of electric vehicles, a top energy consultancy said.

“France’s climate plan includes ending fossil fuel vehicle sales by 2040”

France’s climate plan includes ending fossil fuel vehicle sales by 2040

Just one day after we found out that Volvo intends to stop selling cars with exclusively internal combustion engine drivetrains by 2019, France’s minister of the environment Nicolas Hulot has detailed a plan to the Financial Times for the country that includes ending the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars by 2040. The effective ban will be achieved through a mix of financial incentives for alternative fuel vehicles, and increased taxes on older, internal combustion cars.

“Electric vehicles are coming off a record year, but remain very far from the mainstream”



According to a report released this week by the International Energy Agency, the total number of electric cars on roads around the world surpassed two million in 2016. More than 750,000 of those registrations came last year, continuing a trend of steady global growth, largely off the back of continued EV adoption in China.

“Cars Become Biggest Driver of Greenhouse-Gas Increases”

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The greatest emerging threat to the global climate may rest in the side pocket of your trousers — or wherever you keep the car keys.

Emissions from transportation may rise at the fastest rate of all major sources through 2050, the United Nations will say in a report due April 13. Heat-trapping gases from vehicles may surge 71 percent from 2010 levels, mainly from emerging economies, according to a leaked draft of the most comprehensive UN study to date on the causes of climate change.


Sounds like the perfect sales call for electric vehicles.

“Electric-vehicle production worldwide forecast to surge 67% in 2014”



Attention electric vehicles: 2014 will be good to you.

That’s the prediction from IHS Automotive, which said Tuesday it expects global production of EVs and plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) to rise 67% this year. That compares with just a 3.6% increase in the production of all vehicles globally.


Looks like Europe is betting on electric vehicles to save its car industry.

“Grid Capacity For Electric Vehicles Is Actually Not A Problem, Studies Find”



Somehow, Americans have trouble grasping the idea that our current utilities can support a high number of electric cars without building hundreds of new power plants. However, a new study from the global clean technology consultants at Navigant Research emphatically puts the notion of utility and grid insufficiency to rest.

In fact, Navigant says, the power grid we have right now can sustain millions of electric vehicles without anyone having to invest in new power generation.

Large power companies like Duke Energy, for example, are working with national organizations and large and small automotive manufacturers on how electric vehicles will interface safely and reliably with the current grid. Duke actually sees clear benefits to electric vehicles
“The net effect to utilities [of increased demand for EV power] should be new revenue streams with few costs,” ……..
The outgoing Chairman of Duke Energy said that the company needed to change or die. It seems like electric cars are a whole “new revenue stream with few costs”.