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“Pretty Soon Electric Cars Will Cost Less Than Gasoline”


Battery powered cars will soon be cheaper to buy than conventional gasoline ones, offering immediate savings to drivers, new research shows.


“No growth for oil and coal from 2020 as electric cars and solar blossom”

Cover expect the Unexpected


Falling costs of electric vehicle and solar technology could halt growth in global demand for oil and coal from 2020, a new report co-authored by the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and the Carbon Tracker Initiative launched on Thursday finds, challenging the wisdom of backing fossil fuel expansion.

“Electric Cars Could Take an OPEC-Sized Bite From Oil Demand”


A boom in electric vehicles made by the likes of Tesla Motors Inc. could erode as much as 10 percent of global gasoline demand by 2035, according to the oil industry consultant Wood Mackenzie Ltd.

“Tesla Shock Means Global Gasoline Demand Has All But Peaked”


After fueling the 20th century automobile culture that reshaped cities and defined modern life, gasoline has had its day.

The International Energy Agency forecasts that global gasoline consumption has all but peaked as more efficient cars and the advent of electric vehicles from new players such as Tesla Motors Inc. halt demand growth in the next 25 years. That shift will have profound consequences for the oil-refining industry because gasoline accounts for one in four barrels consumed worldwide.

“Electric cars are happening,” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said in an interview in London, adding that their number will rise from little more than 1 million last year to more than 150 million by 2040.

What’s in the name Tesla?



“MORGAN STANLEY: Utopia Is Coming By 2026”

Earlier today, Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas cranked up his price target on Tesla to $320 from $153.

“Tesla’s quest to disrupt a trillion $ car industry offers an adjacent opportunity to disrupt a trillion $ electric utility industry,” he wrote in a new note to clients. “If it can be a leader in commercializing battery packs, investors may never look at Tesla the same way again.”

If Tesla figures out how to cheaply store green energy, that’s a game-changer.

But if Tesla masters the self-driving car, then here comes utopia.



Tesla’s Next Trillion-Dollar Industry

One of the big hurdles in the green energy space is the inability to store energy cheaply. Tesla could come out front here, which would be a total game changer.

“Tesla says it will team up with partners to build the world’s largest Li-ion battery pack facility in the US,” wrote Jonas. “We reflect the potential for lower battery costs through higher sales volume nearly doubling Tesla’s share of the global car market to 90bps by 2028, driving our target increase. If Tesla can become the world’s low-cost producer in energy storage, we see significant optionality for Tesla to disrupt adjacent industries.”

The name Tesla is an interesting choice.
niklai tesla
There was once a brilliant scientist named Tesla who also had a Utopian vision of transmitting electricity for free. Once Wall Street and Thomas Edison had finished with him he died penniless and the technology died with him.
His friend, the author Mark Twain, is famously quoted as saying that “history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme“.
One wonders if it is rhyming or repeating this time in the case of Tesla.

“Grid Capacity For Electric Vehicles Is Actually Not A Problem, Studies Find”



Somehow, Americans have trouble grasping the idea that our current utilities can support a high number of electric cars without building hundreds of new power plants. However, a new study from the global clean technology consultants at Navigant Research emphatically puts the notion of utility and grid insufficiency to rest.

In fact, Navigant says, the power grid we have right now can sustain millions of electric vehicles without anyone having to invest in new power generation.

Large power companies like Duke Energy, for example, are working with national organizations and large and small automotive manufacturers on how electric vehicles will interface safely and reliably with the current grid. Duke actually sees clear benefits to electric vehicles
“The net effect to utilities [of increased demand for EV power] should be new revenue streams with few costs,” ……..
The outgoing Chairman of Duke Energy said that the company needed to change or die. It seems like electric cars are a whole “new revenue stream with few costs”.

“Speed limit on 34-mile stretch of M1 to be limited to 60mph to cut air pollution”

M1 motorway


Speed limit on 34-mile stretch of M1 to be limited to 60mph to cut air pollution.


This seems a little arbitrary. What about hybrid or electric cars? Is it fair to make cars that are lower CO2 emitters drive at the same reduced speed limit as larger CO2 emitters? Maybe speed limits should be regulated by the amount of vehicle CO2 emissions. What do you think?

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