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“The Case For Introducing Rhinos To Australia”


Rhinos in Australia might seem like an insane proposition – after all, we’ve had historically bad luck with introduced species. But on reflection it’s not quite as crazy as it sounds.

“Belgian zoo shortens rhinos’ horns after French killing”


A Belgian zoo said Saturday it will shorten its rhinos’ horns as an anti-poaching measure following the grisly killing of a white rhino in France.

“First Sumatran rhino found in Borneo in 40 years has died”

Indonesian environmental activist tending to an ill Sumatran Rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) after it was found in a pit trap.


The first critically endangered Sumatran rhino to be found in an area of Borneo for 40 years has died, wildlife experts said.

The species had been thought to be extinct in Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, until a few years ago when surveying found evidence through camera traps and footprints of 15 Sumatran rhinos in the area.

“Endangered Rhinos Find Refuge From Poachers in Botswana’s Swamps”

Okavango Delta


The largest-ever relocation of black rhinos across national borders has established a breeding population in the Botswana’s Okavango Delta, according to Wilderness Holdings Ltd., a eco-tourism safari operator that helped organize the program.

The operation brought the animals from South Africa and Zimbabwe into Botswana’s inland delta area, where they died out two decades ago.

“Namibia Loses 77 Rhinos to Poaching So Far This Year, Police Say”

Namibian Rhino


Poachers have killed 77 rhinos in Namibia so far this year, according to a report from the country’s police service.

The latest rhino to be killed for its horn was discovered on Wednesday in the northern Kunene region, the police service said in an e-mailed statement.

“South Africa to Sell Rhinos to Private Buyers to Thwart Poachers”



South Africa National Parks has issued a tender to sell as many as 200 rhinos to private buyers so that they can be moved to areas where they are safer from poachers who last year killed a record number of the animals.

“Rhino Killers in Namibia to Face Troops in 2015 as Drones Mulled”



Namibia is months away from having a specialist military unit that will combat poachers killing its rhinos and elephants as the southwest African country considers a plan to deploy drones to support rangers on the ground.

“Go, Dog, Go! South Africa Is Sick of the Rhino Poachers”



Venom is part of an army of dogs being trained as South African defense company Paramount Group’s contribution to fighting the poachers in South Africa, home to most of the world’s rhinos.

The Malinois, as the breed is also known, ‘can work in extreme conditions,’ Henry Holsthyzen, who runs Paramount’s K9 Solutions dog academy, said at a presentation of the year-old school yesterday. ‘It’s been proven useful in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s high energy, highly intelligent and very fast. It’s an awesome package.’


Man’s best friend is also the rhino’s best friend.

“South Africa Rhino Poaching Surges at Least 42% From 2012”



Rhinoceros poaching in South Africa has surged at least 42 percent this year with nearly a 20th of the local herd killed as the demand for their horns, which is falsely believed to cure cancer and boost sexual prowess, continued to rise.