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“From Google to Facebook, Big Data Is Driving Green Energy Shift”


Tech companies have rapidly growing electricity needs, and that’s spurring them to do long-term deals with utilities

“Energy Efficiency Is Long Overdue”



On a global scale, we humans are becoming more energy efficient with each passing year. Even so, we’re exploiting only a fraction of the technological opportunities to use energy more cost-effectively. There’s a lot governments can do to put this right.


There’s a lot that can be done on efficiency, but who picks up the bill for it? Take my survey and have your say.

“The World’s Top 10 Solar Countries”



In 2012 solar power produced just 0.5% of global electricity. It’s only a speck compared to coal (42%), natural gas (21%), hydro (15%) and nuclear (12%).

“U.K. Urged to Auction Renewable Energy Contracts “



The U.K. should hold competitive auctions for most renewable power contracts to bring down technology costs and lower the impact on consumer electricity bills, an analyst linked to the ruling Conservative Party said.


Will renewable energy providers be interested in an auction process, if there are no taxpayer-funded subsidies or opportunities to pass the costs on to consumers with higher bills?

“Solar Boom Boosts South African Salaries With 25% Jobless “


“Clean-energy developers are being lured by government incentives and about 360 days of sunshine a year.”


What’s really causing the boom, government incentives or the sunshine?


“China Encourages Power Grid Purchase of Solar to Boost Capacity”



Interesting way for a government to “encourage” the power generating industry to pay for the investment in clean energy.