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“Consumers being misled by labelling on ‘organic’ beauty products, report shows”

Organic beauty brands in supermarket in Frankfurt


The makers of many “organic” beauty products have been accused of confusing and meaningless labelling, according to a new survey in which 76% of consumers admitted they felt misled.

According to the Soil Association’s recent market report, sales of organic health and beauty products swelled by more than 20% in 2016, with the market now worth about £61.2m in the UK.

“U.K. Just Went Without Coal Power for the First Time Since 1880s”


The U.K. had its first full day without burning coal to make electricity since the Industrial Revolution more than a century ago, according to grid operator National Grid Plc.

“Friday 21st April 2017 was the first 24-hour period since the 1880s where Great Britain went without coal-fired power stations,” the National Grid control room said in a Twitter post confirming the achievement announced earlier.

“Tesco’s plan bee: spilt supermarket sugar to help feed hungry honey bees”

Honey bee on snowdrop


Waste sugar routinely thrown away by supermarkets is being collected to help feed stricken bees in Britain struggling to get enough nectar to feed themselves.

U.K. Claim That Burning Biomass Is Clean Seen as `Flawed’


The U.K. government’s view of biomass as a carbon-neutral energy source is a “flawed assumption,” according to report from Chatham House.

The U.K. counts emissions from the supply chain that produces and delivers wood pellets or chips used in biomass power plants, but not when they’re burned to make electricity, the London-based research group said Thursday.

“Air pollution crisis ‘plagues’ UK, finds UN human rights expert”

view of polluted London from Alexandra Palace, north London.


Air pollution is a crisis that “plagues” the UK, particularly children, according to the UN’s special rapporteur on hazardous substances and wastes.

“Bird species vanish from UK due to climate change and habitat loss”

Meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis) have disappeared from sites in south england.


Climate change has already led to the vanishing of some bird species in parts of England, where intensively farmed land gives them no room to adapt to warming temperatures. The revelation, in a new scientific study, contradicts previous suggestions that birds are tracking global warming by shifting their ranges.

“Recycling rates in England drop for first time”



Recycling rates in England have fallen for the first time ever, prompting calls for a tax on packaging and meaning EU targets are now almost certain to be missed.

“U.K. Seeks to Ban Plastic Microbeads in Cosmetics Next Year”

Image result for microbeads


The U.K. will become the latest country to outlaw plastic microbeads used in face wash and toothpaste next year over concerns they harm marine life and enter the food chain.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs published a consultationTuesday proposing to ban the beads in cosmetics and personal-care products by October 2017. The move builds on voluntary commitments made by companies including Proctor & Gamble Co. and Johnson & Johnson.

“U.K. Clean Energy Sector Shrinks After Government Subsidy Cuts”


The U.K.’s renewable and low-carbon energy sector shrank by 8.7 percent last year, partly because of cuts to subsidies.

“Conservation starts closer to home”

Ground-breaking research has provided us with more information about the dormouse that will have a great impact in its survival


It’s not just elephants, rhinos and tigers that need our help – our conservation work starts much closer to home; right here in the UK.

We’re so lucky to have such diverse and amazing wildlife right here on our doorstep, but unfortunately nearly all of it is in decline. They’re facing many of the same serious threats that cause extinctions elsewhere – including pollution, habitat loss and climate change.