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“Road pricing could offset loss of fuel duty from electric cars”

Weeford Park toll plaza on the M6 motorway


Taxes on motoring raise about £40bn a year for the exchequer from people buying cars and paying fuel duties, accounting for about 5% of total government revenue, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is understood to be considering options for addressing this shortfall, with potential solutions including a new national system of road pricing – which would mean motorists paying directly to use Britain’s roads.

“U.K. Companies Worth $3 Trillion Told to Explain Climate Risks”


The U.K. market watchdog wants big British public companies to disclose more about their exposure to climate risks — or tell investors why they can’t.

“U.K. Caps Decade of Record High Daily Temperatures”

© Reuters.  U.K. Caps Decade of Record High Daily Temperatures


The U.K. endured more high-temperature records during the 2010s than any decade over the last century, according to the nation’s weather service, attributing the trend to climate change.

“U.K. Property Prices May Now Be Affected by Car Charging Points”


Homeowners fear the lack of a charging point for an electric car could hit the value of their property, a new study has suggested.

Co-op Insurance said its research among 2,000 adults indicated that one in 10 households have a facility to charge a car, adding it was becoming the latest “must have” for house buyers.

“U.K. Is Behind on Efforts to Cut Greenhouse Gas Pollution”


The U.K. has fallen behind on its promises to slash emissions and fight climate change despite claims it’s leading major industrialized nations in its fight to slow global warming.

That’s the conclusion of the Committee on Climate Change, the government’s official adviser on environmental policies, which suggests ministers need to take much more dramatic action to meet their own promises.Yo

“Two Big U.K. Utilities Pledge to Adopt All-Electric Fleets”


Two of Britain’s six biggest utilities pledged to switch their entire vehicle fleet to run on electricity by 2030, adding momentum to the shift away from traditional engine technology.

Centrica Plc operates the third-biggest company owned fleet in the U.K., with 15,000 cars and vans. SSE Plc has 3,500 vehicles and also said it will install charging points for its employees to use, according to a statement released by the two through the The Climate Group, a non-profit group helping detail and coordinating environmental policies.You’ve reached your free article limit.

“U.K. Weighs Mandatory Climate Reporting in Green Finance Push”

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The U.K. said it’s considering rules that force companies to disclose the risks they have related to climate change as part of a broader push to boost investment for green priorities.

The Treasury also called on the financial services industry to take the lead in stimulating investment for cleaning up energy and infrastructure in support of the government’s measures to rein in climate change. 

“U.K. Poised to Back Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Target for 2050”


The U.K. government is preparing to announce plans to slash fossil fuel emissions to zero by 2050, an effort to fight climate change that would change the way Britons heat their homes and the cars they drive, officials familiar with the situation said.

An announcement embracing the so-called net zero emissions target is likely in the next two months, according to the officials, who declined to be named discussing plans that haven’t yet been finalized.You’ve

“U.K. Government Told to Adopt World’s Toughest Climate Targets”

London’s Waterloo Bridge on a smoggy day.


British people need to fly less, drive electric cars, eat little meat and turn their home thermostats down to 19 degrees Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) in order to rein in greenhouse gases damaging the planet.

Those are the recommendations from the government’s official adviser on climate change and sketch out the toughest measures anywhere in the industrial world to rein in pollution. Drawn up by a panel including lawmakers, scientists, industry officials and analysts, their 277-page report also suggests a drastic overhaul for industry, agriculture and aviation.You

“U.K. Adviser Set to Recommend Zero Emissions Target by 2050 Read more at:”


“The U.K. government’s official adviser on climate change is set to recommend the country adopt a target to drive net fossil fuel emissions to zero by 2050”

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