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“UK to review climate target raising hopes of a zero emissions pledge”

Power Station output at West Burton, near Gainsborough


The UK is to review its long-term target to cut climate emissions as part of global efforts to curb rising temperatures, the government has announced.


“UK could create 5,000 jobs by moving to sustainable fishing, says report”

Kevin West, skipper of the Ryanwood fishing boat unloads his catch of mostly haddock at the Peterhead fishmarket, Scotland


Moving to sustainable catches of the most important species of fish would generate 5,000 new jobs and add more than £300m a year to the economy, after the UK leaves the EU’s common fisheries policy, a new report has found.

“The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History”


The latest example of how one of the dirtiest fossil fuels is being squeezed out of the market came this week in Britain, which went for a record 55 hours without its any of its power plants producing electricity by burning coal.

“U.K. to Seek Ban on Domestic Sale of Plastic Straws, Cotton Buds”


The U.K. promises to ban the sale of single use plastic drinking straws and cotton buds later this year in a bid to clean up the world’s oceans.

“Government pledges £5.7m to develop new northern forest”


Plan to plant 50m trees along 120-mile stretch next to M62 will provide habitat for wildlife as well as help manage flood risk

The government has pledged £5.7m to kickstart the creation of a northern forest that will stretch from Liverpool to Hull.


“May Declares War on ‘Scourge’ of Plastic With 25-Year U.K. Plan”


Prime Minister Theresa May will declare war on plastics as she outlines a plan to eliminate “avoidable” waste by 2042, including proposals for new taxes and funding for sustainable alternatives.

“British Ban on Microbeads to Protect Oceans Comes Into Force”


U.K.’s ban on making products with microbeads — tiny plastic particles in everything from cosmetics to shampoo and toothpaste — takes effect Tuesday in an effort to protect marine life.

“British Politicians Want to Tax Coffee Cups to Cut Waste”

Image result for starbucks cups


Britain should introduce a charge of 25 pence (34 U.S. cents) for disposable coffee cups to encourage recycling and reduce waste from retailers including Starbucks Corp. and Costa Coffee Ltd., a panel of lawmakers said.

“Dam it! How beavers could save Britain from flooding”

Have kit, will travel … Supporters say beaver power could be employed on river headwaters to protect Britain’s built-upon floodplains.


Since their trial reintroduction in Devon, the animal’s engineering skills have reduced floodwater and created a paradise for local wildlife. Should we bring them back for good?

“U.K. Braced for Record-Breaking Wet Winters Blames Climate Shift”


Changing weather patterns caused by increasing global temperatures means meteorologists can no longer rely on historical rainfall records to predict future weather events. Instead, a new supercomputer at the Met Office simulated thousands of possible scenarios using current climate patterns.