Recommended Kit List

  • A top for each day ( sleeves varying in length)
  • three pairs of light weight trousers
  • 2 pairs of shorts (if your trousers are zip offs you do not need these)
  • 2 thin long sleeve shirts
  • enough underwear for 2 weeks
  • enough thin walking socks for 2 weeks
  • nightwear
  • waterproof clothing
  • 1 fleece
  • Wellington boots
  • flip flops
  • a pair of closed shoes eg. Trainers
  • a sun hat
  • sun glasses
  • sleeping liner
  • a fly net
  • insect repellent ( you may need some not containing DEET as it can damage some species such as frogs)
  • sun cream
  • A small light weight towel
  • water bottle/platypus (2 litre capacity)
  • head torch with red light function
  • spare batteries
  • wrist watch with alarm
  • toiletries (must be biodegradable)
  • washing liquid or powder (must be biodegradable)
  • talcum powder or anti-fungal powder
  • note book and pencil (optional)
  • camera (optional) i used the Nikon COOLPIX s9700 it is abit pricey but it is a compact super-zoom so it allowed me to capture alot of high quality photos of things on the bank while on the boat. I recommended taking a spare battery and memory card because you will take alot of pictures.
  • mp3/ playing cards/ book/ phrase book (optional) we established a system in which everyone going on the trip brought a different book and we would just swap them when we had finished reading one.
  • binoculars (optional)
  • medical kit
  • If you are visiting the village you may want to take some gifts for the children such as sweets or pens and pencils… ( optional)

You may be able to rent some of these objects such as binoculars and wellies from the company you are going with. Ask the company that you are going with about spending money. The currency of Peru was Soles and there was a small shop on board the boat that sold Coke and sweets. Some of the villagers and guides on the boat were selling crafts which were usually around 20 Soles for a necklace,10 for a bracelet and 30 for a large painting. However we found it worked out cheaper to buy some things with US Dollars.

Recommended medical kit 

  • antihistamine tablets (drowsy and non-drowsy)
  • antihistamine (bite/sting) cream
  • paracetamol/ aspirin
  • re-hydration salt (8-10 sachets)
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • plasters (assorted sizes) , blister plasters
  • Hand sanitizer
  • sanitary towels/ tampons
  • anti-malarials
  • any other prescriptions you need (ask the doctor if you are ablke to take your prescriptions along side the anti-malarials because some medicines can inhibit the anti-malarials)
  • after sun or aloe vera

If you are due your period while on the trip you can ask your doctor about Norethisterone to delay it for the duration of your trip


These are some of the websites we used to buy our kit. Stores such as Cotswolds, Blacks and Amazon do a discount for NUS card holders. You do not have to spend lots on fancy clothes; most of the people on the trip bought cheap shirts and cargo-pants from shops you’d find in town such as Asda, Primark and forever 21.


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