Archive | March 10, 2017

Defend the Amazon Reef

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The Amazon Reef: Brazil’s newly discovered and already threatened treasure

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“Ebola vaccine shows promise for gorillas and chimps”


A small trial suggests that a vaccine against Ebola could protect gorillas and chimps from the deadly disease.

Past outbreaks have devastated great ape populations, particularly gorillas, where the virus is estimated to have wiped out a third of the primates.

A scientific team now says that wild gorillas could be vaccinated to protect the critically endangered animals from further losses.

However some conservationists warn that this would be difficult and has risks.

“How Organic Produce Can Make America Less Healthy”

 On Wednesday, the Environmental Working Group (which calls itself a nonpartisan organization aimed at protecting human health and the environment) released its annual ranking of the best (“Clean Fifteen”) and the worst (“Dirty Dozen”) produce when it comes to pesticide content. The list is meant to be a tool for the consumer: If your favorite fruit is among the Dirty Dozen, the thinking goes, you’d be safer buying organic.