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“The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History”


The latest example of how one of the dirtiest fossil fuels is being squeezed out of the market came this week in Britain, which went for a record 55 hours without its any of its power plants producing electricity by burning coal.

“Climate Change Just Got a Little Less Terrible”


A new analysis rules out the worst case scenario. But without radical change, we’re still in plenty of danger.

“Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think”


Solar power, once so costly it only made economic sense in spaceships, is becoming cheap enough that it will push coal and even natural-gas plants out of business faster than previously forecast.

“These Devices Will Eat the Smog Trump Stokes With His Coal Boom”

Daan Roosegaarde with his smog-free tower.


An innocuous metal cylinder in a garden at the foot of the Italian Alps, quietly snacking on air pollution, may be part of the answer to President-elect Donald Trump’s ambition to stimulate coal burning.

Its maker, U-Earth Biotechnologies, is one of a handful of companies worldwide seeking to combat smog by, essentially, digesting it. The 10-foot tall cylinder, part of a demonstration project in Turin, contains a strain of bacteria that can consume car exhaust, sulfur dioxide from coal plants and other airborne nasties. One of the units can create a bubble of clean air about the size of a basketball court, according to co-founder Betta Maggio.

“Coal Dust Causes 23,000 Premature Deaths In The E.U.”

Coal Dust Causes 23,000 Premature Deaths In The E.U.

Coal dust is responsible for about 22,900 premature deaths per year in the E.U., according to areport released Tuesday. This report is the first analysis to show how coal dust travels, damaging the health in countries hundreds of kilometers away.

“Rainy U.K. Gets More Power From Solar Than Coal For The First Time In Over A Century”


Shares of total U.K. electricity generation met by solar and coal during January to May 2016 (%). Sources: Sheffield Solar and Gridwatch.


In May, for the first time ever, solar produced more electricity than coal in the United Kingdom.

“Dirtiest Coal’s Rebirth in Europe Flattens Medieval Towns”



Europe’s appetite for cheaper electricity is reviving mines that produce the dirtiest type of coal, threatening to boost pollution and raze villages that have survived since medieval times.

Across the continent’s mining belt, from Germany to Poland and the Czech Republic, utilities such as Vattenfall AB, CEZ AS and PGE SA are expanding open-pit mines that produce lignite. The moist, brown form of the fossil fuel packs less energy and more carbon than more frequently burned hard coal.

The projects go against the grain of European Union rules limiting emissions and pushing cleaner energy. Alarmed at power prices about double U.S. levels, policy makers are allowing the expansion of coal mines that were scaled back in the past two decades, stirring a backlash in the targeted communities.


The dark side of the “Energiewende” is to be found in the former Communist regions which also have the worst economic growth problems.

“Germany’s Energiewende”



Energiewende – the transition to carbon-free power generation as a challenge in market design

What’s at stake: Managing Germany’s highly ambitious plans for a transition to electricity generation from renewable sources will be a main task of the incoming German government. The aims for the “Energiewende” in the new coalition agreement are for renewable energy to account for 40-45% of energy consumption in 2025 and 55-60% in 2035. A key challenge will be to implement a new market design in the electricity market that allows a cost-effective integration of energy from renewable sources, as the current subsidy scheme is coming under increased pressure, both from domestic consumers and companies for its costs and from the European Commission for its compatibility with state aid regulations.



That’s amazing, the Germans actually have a word for what my survey is trying to find out about who should pay the cost of environmental protection. There is a lot to play for because German energy costs are the highest in Europe and are now starting to slow economic activity. America looks to have the industrial competitive advantage with Shale Gas. No wonder America hasn’t signed up for Kyoto!!!So far it looks like the German Taxpayer has been subsidizing industry through clean energy subsidies, but the money is drying up. Germany is now considering reinventing cheap Coal to balance the cost of expensive clean energy. But how can it still meet its ambitious 2025 and 2035 emissions targets, if its burning more Coal?  Energiewende doesn’t seem to add up.

Please don’t forget my own “Energiewende” survey.

“Wind Power Rivals Coal With $1 Billion Order From Buffett”



The decision by Warren Buffett’s utility company to order about $1 billion of wind turbines for projects in Iowa shows how a drop in equipment costs is making renewable energy more competitive with power from fossil fuels.


Investment decisions are being influenced by environmental concerns. The world’s most famous investor is betting on renewable energy. He is also hedging the losses on the railway company he owns as Coal shipments by rail fall.

“Merkel Embraces Coal as Rookie Lawmaker Makes Mark on Policy”


“For a first-time lawmaker, coal promoter Ulrich Freese made the most of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pledge to counter rising power prices.”


“Choose your poison”


Germany’s commitment to phase out nuclear power, after Fukushima, makes energy prices so much higher that “dirty” Lignite Coal is now being considered as a substitute. Beggars can’t be choosers!!