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“New source of global nitrogen could help soil store more CO2”


Until now, scientists thought plants got all their nitrogen from the atmosphere, but new research suggests Earth’s bedrock supplies as much as a quarter of the planet’s nitrogen.

The discovery, detailed this week in the journal Science, could change researchers’ understanding of the carbon cycle.

“Animals Make a Difference”

Changing the distribution of predators and prey in an ecosystem can turn things upside down.

We all know that biodiversity is an important feature of our planet. Two papers published last week provide fascinating illustrations of why that is so.

Losing Big Fish Means More CO2 in the Atmosphere

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“Where There’s Muck, There’s Bitcoin”


Bitcoin has a dark side: its carbon footprint


Bitcoin may be making a few people wealthy, but it’s killing us all. The crypto-currency that’s caught the world by storm has a dark side: its carbon footprint.


One way for Governments to kill Bitcoin is through Carbon Taxes. Maybe that’s what they are already doing with stories like this.

“Carbon Foodprints”



More recent studies show that food system emissions could account for as much as quarter of all human emissions.  That is 12% from agricultural production, another 9% from farming induced deforestation, and a further 3% from things like refrigeration and freight.
The environmental price of beef is very high.

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