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“China Unveils Plan to Reduce Single-Use Plastic by 2025”


China’s top economic planner said it would cut the production and use of plastic over the next five years, helping reduce one of the world’s biggest sources of plastic pollution.

“China Drone Attack on Crop-Eating ‘Monster’ Shows 98% Kill Rate”

Atomisation spraying effect.


An army of drones deployed to fight a crop-devouring pest in a southern area of China has recorded a mortality rate of as high as 98%, according to the manufacturer.

Experts fear impact of China lifting trade ban on tiger and rhino parts

Experts fear impact of China lifting trade ban on tiger and rhino parts


China’s recent investment in Africa has sparked much debate over the environmental impacts it may cause. Lifting this ban may further the environmental damage and spark greater debate over China’s environmental footprint in Africa.

“China’s plastic waste ban will leave 111 million tons of trash with nowhere to go”


China’s recent crackdown on the import of plastic waste will result in millions of tons of displaced plastic trash, according to new research. The ban will force countries like the US to find new ways to deal with their own trash.

“China forced to tell Antarctica tourists: ‘Don’t’ touch the penguins'”


The Chinese government earlier this week established a new list of rules for people visiting Antarctica: No hunting. No leaving behind solid waste. And no touching or feeding the penguins.


“World’s first green supply chain map links brands to factories in China”

World's first green supply chain map links brands to factories in China


“The Green Supply Chain Map is a leadership initiative dedicated to showcasing brands’ commitment to supply chain transparency and environmental management. It openly links brands’ supplier lists to publicly-available environmental data, including real-time data for air emissions and wastewater discharge,” states the IPE’s explanation of the map.

“China Shuts Down Its Legal Ivory Trade”

China's ban on the domestic ivory trade took effect Sunday.


Two years after a joint pledge with the United States to ban the domestic trade in ivory, all of China’s government-licensed carving factories and ivory retailers are about to close.

“Coal Is Fueling Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise”


The cryptocurrency has wowed markets this year with breakneck gains as investors flocked to an asset that exists only in cyberspace. But the laborious creation of each digital bitcoin by private computer networks has real-world consequences in the form of massive energy use — including from fuels that cause the most pollution.


“Thousands of huge, aggressive dogs are roaming Tibet after their rich Chinese owners abandoned them”

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.39.12


Areas of the Tibetan plateau have become flooded with giant, fluffy unwanted Tibetan mastiffs, once the most sought after dogs in China, after a collapse in the market for the dogs has left thousands homeless.


“World’s oldest captive panda Basi dies in China”

Basi sniffs a birthday cake prepared by her keepers at Fuzhou Panda World


At 37, Basi had outlived all her panda peers, reaching the equivalent of more than a hundred in human years.