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“Rising sea levels threaten sovereign credit ratings: Moody’s”

© Reuters.  Rising sea levels threaten sovereign credit ratings: Moody's


Economic shocks stemming from rising sea levels pose a long-term risk to the sovereign credit ratings of dozens of countries which have large areas at risk of submersion, including Vietnam, Egypt, Suriname and the Bahamas, Moody’s said on Thursday.

“Expect seas to rise for the next 300 years, new climate models warn”


 Even if carbon emissions are curbed and rising temperatures are constrained, many scientists expect sea level rise to continue for some time. New research suggests sea level rise could last 300 years.

“Antarctic Modeling Pushes Up Sea-Level Rise Projections”


Global average sea level is expected to rise by one foot between 2000 and 2050 and by several more feet by the end of the century under a high-pollution scenario because of the effects of climate change, according to the projections in the new peer-reviewed study. It shows 21st century sea-level rise could be kept to less than two feet if greenhouse gas emissions are aggressively and immediately reduced, reflecting a larger gap in sea-level consequences between high and low emissions scenarios than previous research has indicated.

“A Tiny Island Prepares the World for a Climate Refugee Crisis”


Climate change is likely to cause global sea levels to rise by one to three feet by the end of the century, a panel of scientists backed by the UN said. While the U.S. and Europe seek to curb inflows of migrants and refugees, Fiji has offered to take in people from the nearby islands of Kiribati and Tuvalu, which are set to disappear because of rising sea levels.

“The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.”


In the waterlogged Netherlands, climate change is considered neither a hypothetical nor a drag on the economy. Instead, it’s an opportunity.

“Study Confirms World’s Coastal Cities Unsavable If We Don’t Slash Carbon Pollution”


A new study confirms what leading climate scientists have warned about for many years now: Only very aggressive climate action can save the world’s coastal cities from inundation by century’s end.

“Bikini Nuclear Refugees Seek U.S. Homes to Flee Rising Seas”


Bikini Atoll islanders who were relocated before the U.S. began nuclear tests in the 1940s are now seeking refuge in the U.S., saying the rising seas and stronger storms brought on by climate change are making their new homes in the Marshall Islands uninhabitable.

Rising Sea Levels


The sea level continues to rise – and the increase seems to be accelerating.

“Rising Seas Put Life With Global Warming on UN Agenda”



From the rising seas in the Seychelles to the melting glaciers of Switzerland and Peru, governments are learning to cope with damaging changes to the climate that threaten food and water supplies and even the very survival of the most low-lying nations.

Having failed to prevent global warming from taking hold after two decades of discussions, more countries are focusing on how to live with its effects. The idea is rising to the top of the agenda at two weeks of United Nations climate talks that began on Monday in Lima.


They can’t stop it, so they are learning to live with it instead.

” Solomons town first in Pacific to relocate due to climate change”



Under threat from rising sea levels and tsunamis, the authorities of a provincial capital in the Solomon Islands have decided to relocate from a small island in the first such case in the Pacific islands.