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“Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years”

A reef researcher inspects some bleached coral


Warmer sea temperatures – particularly in February – are feared to have caused huge coral loss across the world’s largest reef system.

“Great Barrier Reef Will Die Without Climate Action, SMH Reports”

Fish swim through the coral at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia


Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef will die unless radical climate action is taken, including phasing out coal-fueled power, the Sydney Morning Herald reported, citing a report by a government agency.

The reef will collapse if the planet warms by another half a degree, according to a private report prepared by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority –- the government’s lead agency for managing the reef — and obtained by the SMH under freedom of information laws, the paper said.

“Great Barrier Reef Gets $379 Million Boost After Coral Dies Off”


The Great Barrier Reef is being given a A$500 million ($379 million) boost by Australia in the battle to save the world’s largest living structure as it faces mounting challenges such as climate change, agricultural runoff and a coral-eating starfish.

“Great Barrier Reef: rising temperatures turning green sea turtles female”

A green sea turtle


Rising temperatures are turning almost all green sea turtles in a Great Barrier Reefpopulation female, new research has found.

The scientific paper warned the skewed ratio could threaten the population’s future.

“Great Barrier Reef Sees Record Coral Deaths This Year”

1480396240_great barrier reef


Warming oceans this year have caused the largest die-off of corals ever recorded on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, scientists said Tuesday.

“WWF buys shark fishing licence on Great Barrier Reef to scrap it”

A whitetip reef shark on the Great Barrier Reef. WWF says the long nets catch almost anything they pass over, including dugongs, dolphins and turtles.


A conservation group has taken the unusual step of buying a commercial shark fishing licence on the Great Barrier Reef, and will retire it, saving the sharks that it would otherwise be used to catch.

“Record-Breaking Hot Ocean Temperatures Are Frying The Great Barrier Reef”

In total 93 percent of the reefs have been affected by coral bleaching -- many severely.


The Great Barrier Reef’s coral is dying, and it may never be the same again.

Last month, as historically high ocean temperatures bathed the waters around the Great Barrier Reef, the Australian government raised the coral bleaching threat to the highest level possible.

Great Barrier Reef Averts Endangered Site Listing


Australia has kept the Great Barrier Reef from being listed as endangered after Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government boosted efforts to protect the World Heritage site and popular tourist destination.

Activist Investors Become Environmental Activists



BlackRock Joins Investors in Flagging Barrier Reef Eco-Risks

The potential threats posed by coal and natural gas projects to the Great Barrier Reef are sparking everything from lawsuits to tweets from Hollywood stars.

They’re also prompting close scrutiny from investors as a global campaign against fossil fuels gains momentum.


A new type of Activist Investor is emerging who places a higher value on the global environment than a growth is sales of fossil fuels.