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“Environmentalists to Join the Space Race With Methane-Sensing Satellite”


The Environmental Defense Fund on Wednesday announced a plan to build and launch a satellite that will measure major global sources of methane, including 50 oil-and-gas regions that make up about 80 percent of production, as well as feedlots and landfills.

“Quarter of Christmas jumpers were worn once and discarded last year”

Christmas-themed jumpers  for sale on a market stall


One in four Christmas jumpers bought last year was thrown away or is unlikely to be worn again, according to new research which reveals that most novelty sweaters will only ever be worn once.

“Pollution’s Annual Price Tag? $4.6 Trillion and 9 Million Dead”


Pollution in all its forms killed 9 million people in 2015 and, by one measure, led to economic damage of $4.6 trillion, according to a new estimate by researchers who hope to put the health costs of toxic air, water and soil higher on the global agenda.


Tiny plastic pellets found on 73% of UK beaches

A search of hundreds of beaches across the UK has found almost three-quarters of them are littered with tiny plastic pellets.

The lentil-size pellets known as “nurdles” are used as a raw material by industry to make new plastic products.

But searches of 279 shorelines from Shetland to Scilly revealed that 205 (73%) contained pellets.

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“These Devices Will Eat the Smog Trump Stokes With His Coal Boom”

Daan Roosegaarde with his smog-free tower.


An innocuous metal cylinder in a garden at the foot of the Italian Alps, quietly snacking on air pollution, may be part of the answer to President-elect Donald Trump’s ambition to stimulate coal burning.

Its maker, U-Earth Biotechnologies, is one of a handful of companies worldwide seeking to combat smog by, essentially, digesting it. The 10-foot tall cylinder, part of a demonstration project in Turin, contains a strain of bacteria that can consume car exhaust, sulfur dioxide from coal plants and other airborne nasties. One of the units can create a bubble of clean air about the size of a basketball court, according to co-founder Betta Maggio.

We Were Promised The Greenest Olympics Ever. We Got An Ecological Disaster.


So how did an international environmental champion fail to meet the promises of a sustainable Rio in time for the city’s biggest international event in decades?

“Coal Dust Causes 23,000 Premature Deaths In The E.U.”

Coal Dust Causes 23,000 Premature Deaths In The E.U.

Coal dust is responsible for about 22,900 premature deaths per year in the E.U., according to areport released Tuesday. This report is the first analysis to show how coal dust travels, damaging the health in countries hundreds of kilometers away.

“China’s Smog Splits Expatriate Families as Companies Pay for Fresh Air”



As bad air chokes Chinese cities, some expatriates are starting to leave families in their home countries, the latest sign of pollution’s rising cost to the more than half-a-million foreigners working in China and the multinationals seeking to retain them. Smog in Beijing was worse than government standards most days last year, and environment ministry statistics show that 71 of 74 Chinese cities failed to meet air-quality standards.

“China Vehicle Sales Beat 20 Million as Smog Chokes Cities”



China became the first country in which more than 20 million vehicles were sold in any given year ….

….. While China’s motorization has been a boon for foreign automakers — all the major ones saw record sales in the country in 2013 — pressure is building on the government to step in as pollution chokes residents and traffic congestion turns roads into parking lots. With air quality deteriorating so much that children and the elderly are regularly warned to stay indoors, Beijing is tightening its vehicle quotas and Tianjin is capping the number of licenses issued this year.

“China Says Arable Land the Size of Belgium Too Polluted for Farming”



More than 2 percent of China’s arable land, or an area the size of Belgium, is too polluted to grow crops, the government said, offering new evidence of the environmental cost associated with 30 years of breakneck growth.