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“Europe Criticized for Not Doing Enough to Slow Deforestation”

Deforestation in Borneo.


European companies aren’t doing enough to slow deforestation as they’re buying too much of commodities such as soybeans and palm oil from unsustainable sources, according to sustainable trade initiative IDH.

As forests shrink to produce timber and make space for crops like soy, cocoa and palm oil, that’s leaving fewer trees to absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. While European business has made some progress in tackling deforestation, it’s behind on targets for purchasing sustainably grown commodities, Netherlands-based IDH said in a report.You’ve reached your free article limit.Save 30%

“EU Toughens CO2 Limits for Cars in Bid to Spur Electric Vehicles”


The European Union tightened caps on carbon dioxide from cars in a bid to accelerate the development of electric vehicles.

The European Parliament set a 37.5 percent CO2-reduction target for 2030 compared with the 2021 limit. In a vote on Wednesday in Strasbourg, France, the assembly also fixed an interim CO2-cut goal for autos of 15 percent for 2025.

“EU agrees on new rules to counter investment ‘greenwashing'”

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: EU flags fly outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels


The European Union agreed on Thursday on a new law that forces asset managers, insurers and pension funds to disclose environmental risks in their investments.

“EU Negotiators Reach Agreement on First CO2 Caps for Trucks”


European Union negotiators agreed to impose caps on carbon dioxide from trucks for the first time, stepping up the fight against climate change with a challenge to manufacturers such as Daimler AG.

Representatives of EU governments and the European Parliament fixed a 30 percent CO2-reduction target for 2030 compared with 2019 levels. At a meeting that ended early Tuesday in Brussels, the officials also endorsed an interim emissions cut of 15 percent for 2025.You’ve reached your free article limit.

“EU Unveils Plan to Cut Emissions to Zero, in Bid to Save Planet”


The European Union unveiled its long-term vision on combating climate change in a push for more ambitious action on the environment just days after U.S. President Donald Trump rejected his government’s warning on the economic costs of global warming.

The 28-nation bloc, responsible for 10 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, set a 2050 perspective to help give direction to member states, companies and citizens to anticipate costs in fighting temperature increases. The EU’s updated strategy comes a week before representatives from almost 200 countries are due to meet in Poland for an annual conference on addressing climate change.

“EU challenges UK to ‘race to the top’ on plastics reduction”

Plastic waste washed up on a beach


Brussels has challenged the UK’s environment secretary, Michael Gove, to try to outdo it in an environmental “race to the top” as it proposed a ban on plastic straws, cutlery, plates, cotton buds and balloon sticks.

“Controversial glyphosate weedkiller wins new five-year lease in Europe”

Protestors wearing masks depicting EU health commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis (L) and European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker (R) demonstrate against a five-year extension of the license for glyphosate in Brussels, 27 November.


EU votes to reauthorise the pesticide, ending a bitterly fought battle that saw 1.3 million people sign a petition calling for a ban

“Why the EU’s Debating a Ban on Weedkiller in Roundup”


The European Union faces a consequential decision over glyphosate, one of the world’s most widely used weedkillers. The debate over the chemical pits the farm industry against campaigners who say it poses environmental and health risks. EU nations are poised to vote this week on whether farmers can keep using it for another decade. A ban could cost the French and U.K. agriculture sectors about $1 billion each. The herbicide is used in popular products made by firms such as Monsanto Co., and the EU accounts for about one-sixth of glyphosate use.

“Burning Wood Criticized as ‘Absurd’ as EU Mulls Clean-Energy Law”


Europe must prevent using trees and crops as a way to meet renewable-energy requirements or it will risk further increases in food prices, deforestation and land grabs, environmental groups said.

“Most EU Countries to Ban Cultivation of 8 GMOs Using New Rules”


More than half of the European Union’s 28 nations plan to prohibit the cultivation of a group of genetically modified crops awaiting EU regulatory approval, marking the first use by individual governments of a new right to go their own way on the planting of biotech foods.

Nineteen EU countries have demanded that all or part of their territory be shielded from eight pending applications to grow gene-altered crops in the bloc, according to the European Commission.