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“Most EU Countries to Ban Cultivation of 8 GMOs Using New Rules”


More than half of the European Union’s 28 nations plan to prohibit the cultivation of a group of genetically modified crops awaiting EU regulatory approval, marking the first use by individual governments of a new right to go their own way on the planting of biotech foods.

Nineteen EU countries have demanded that all or part of their territory be shielded from eight pending applications to grow gene-altered crops in the bloc, according to the European Commission.


“EU Banned Pesticides to Help Bees. Now Other Bugs Are Invading”




The European Union has a bug problem.

After regulators in late 2013 banned pesticides called neonicotinoids, linked in some studies to the unintended deaths of bees, farmers across the continent applied older chemicals to which many pests had developed a resistance, allowing them to survive. Now, infestations may lead to a 15 percent drop in this year’s European harvest of rapeseed, the region’s primary source of vegetable oil used to make food ingredients and biodiesel, according to researcher Oil World.

“Rising German Coal Use Imperils European Emissions Deal”



The European Union’s attempt to cap greenhouse-gas emissions over the next 16 years is threatened again as rising pollution from the bloc’s biggest economies shows even developed nations want to burn cheap coal.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, boosted consumption of the fuel by 13 percent in the past four years, while use in Britain, No. 3 in the region economically, rose 22 percent, statistics from oil company BP Plc show. While Germany pledged to cut heat-trapping gases 55 percent by 2030 from 1990 levels, it’s managed 25 percent so far and is moving in the wrong direction, according to the European Environment Agency.


The need for cheap energy is still a higher priority than the environment.

“Halving meat and dairy consumption could slash farming emissions”




Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would be cut by 25-40% if Europeans cut their meat and dairy consumption by half, according to a UN report.


It’s a bit more complicated because of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which pays European farmers to emit Greenhouse Gases. They will have to be paid to grow something else.

“80% of Europeans want a low carbon economy to help tackle climate change”

Four out of five people in the European Union recognize that fighting climate change and using energy more efficiently can boost the economy and employment, according to a special Eurobarometer opinion poll on climate change published today.


People are really starting to take climate change seriously. They are talking the talk but will they walk the walk?

“Why volcanoes are the energy source of the future”

In Iceland, scientists have just completed a successful experiment in harnessing energy directly from a volcano.


It would be interesting to see how cost-effective this form of renewable energy is compared to others. Would energy companies get a higher or lower profit?

“India to Prepare Offshore Wind Plan Trade Group Says”



India is seeking advice from the European Union on how to develop its potential for generating electricity from offshore wind turbines.


India has relied heavily on Coal to date, but now it has seen the way the wind is blowing on the global commitment to reduce emissions. As one of the great polluters it needs to change its policy.


“EU Calls for 40% Reduction in Greenhouse-Gas Output by 2030”



The European Union proposed cutting the region’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 40 percent in 2030 to accelerate efforts to reduce global warming.

The European Commission outlined its strategy to reduce pollution and curb rising energy costs and called for an overhaul of the bloc’s policies in the next decade, the EU’s executive arm said in a statement today. The current goal is to cut emissions by 20 percent in 2020 from 1990 levels.

The proposed design of future policies pits nations including Germany and the U.K., who are seeking stronger efforts to protect the atmosphere, against Poland and its allies, which rely mainly on fossil fuels to keep their economy humming. It also highlights the divide between energy intensive companies, whose gas and power costs are more than double their U.S. and Asian competitors, and green lobbies such as Greenpeace seeking deeper emission cuts.


Europe is divided on this issue. Even Germany is proceeding with expansion of Coal fired generation. This issue seems to play the EU off against the elected national governments.

“EU Proposes Ban on Cloning Farm Animals and Sale of Clone Meat”


Farm animal cloning should be banned in the European Union, along with imports of cloned livestock and sale of food from such animals, the European Commission, the 28-nation bloc’s executive arm, proposed.