“JPMorgan Economists Warn of Black Swan Risks From Climate Change”

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JPMorgan Chase & Co. economists warned that standard models on the costs of a “business-as-usual” approach toward climate change may be flawed by failing to incorporate the Black Swan-type risk of pushing the planet into conditions unseen for millions of years.

“There are plenty of non-linear tipping points in the climate system that could make the economic consequences of BAU much more severe,” David Mackie and Jessica Murray, economists at the bank in London, wrote in a note to clients Thursday. BAU stands for business-as-usual. “It is hard to know what weather outcomes will occur. Econometric estimates are based on small deviations in the mean of the probability distribution.”


“Can Komodo Dragons Survive the Ecotourist Boom?”

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The fierce lizards are in perpetual decline on their native island. A huge influx of visitors hasn’t helped.

“The massive plastic-cleaning device invented by a 25-year-old is finally catching trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

The Ocean Cleanup plastic


  • In 2013, at age 19, the entrepreneur Boyan Slat founded The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit that aims to rid the ocean of plastic.
  • The organization designed a device to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a trash-filled vortex in the ocean that’s more than twice the size of Texas.
  • The system has gone through multiple iterations since the first version spilled the plastic it collected back into the water.

“Nuclear Fusion Could Rescue the Planet From Climate Catastrophe”



About two dozen private companies around the world are working to harness a transformative energy technology that could rescue the planet from climate catastrophe. One is using space in an old factory that’s home to a mothballed U.S. Department of Energy-funded research machine in Cambridge, Mass. Another is housed in an industrial building behind a Costco outside Vancouver. A third is down the street from a self-storage facility in the foothills of Orange County, Calif.

The companies are working on commercializing fusion.

“China Drone Attack on Crop-Eating ‘Monster’ Shows 98% Kill Rate”

Atomisation spraying effect.


An army of drones deployed to fight a crop-devouring pest in a southern area of China has recorded a mortality rate of as high as 98%, according to the manufacturer.

“Scientists and designers are proposing radical ways to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic”


If planting more trees can replenish forests and remove carbon dioxidefrom the atmosphere, then could we also repopulate the Arctic with ice?That’s a question posed by a team of Indonesian designers with an eye-catching response to the climate crisis: iceberg-making submarines.

“Solar Real Estate Is Hiding in Plain Site on Europe’s Rooftops”

Milan’s rooftops rendered by the European Space Agency’s CORINA Land Cover satellite service.


Europeans can massively expand low-cost solar generation just by tapping the space over their heads.

That’s the conclusion of researchers who used satellite imagery, electricity prices and lending data to assess the untapped energy potential of Europe’s buildings. Rooftop area three times the size Luxembourg is available and could economically supply almost a quarter of the bloc’s power, according to a paper published in Elsevier’s October edition of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.