“How This Supercolony of 1.5 Million Penguins Stayed Hidden for Nearly 3,000 Years”


But some of the team’s new findings suggest that although 1.5 million seems like a big number, it’s not as large as it once might have been. After their initial analyses of recent satellite imagery, the team decided to look at past satellite images that date back to 1982.


“Wildfires in Sweden Signal Europe’s Climate Disaster Is Growing”


Hannele Arvonen, the owner of one of Sweden’s largest lumber yards, is spending the winter months planning for a new and unexpected threat to her business: regular wildfires raging just south of the Arctic Circle.

Her business, Setra Group AB, had a tense summer as firefighters fought back fires raging through Sweden’s densely-forested Gaevleborg region during a drought that lasted months. Workers there are still painstakingly trying to recover sellable wood from the charred remains of tree stumps.

“On the nature of change”

Fractal from nature


Radical global change is now a necessity. But even small, everyday changes can be fiercely resisted, resulting in stress and conflict. It is the paradox of our time.

“Scientists have found out how memories are inherited”

A father plays with his son on a beach facing the Adriatic sea, near the city of Durres, some 40 km (25 miles) from Tirana April 28, 2013.            REUTERS/Arben Celi (ALBANIA - Tags: SOCIETY) - GM1E94T0Q7F01


Epigenetics is the study of inherited changes in gene expression…changes that are inherited, but they are not inherent to our DNA. For instance, life experiences, which aren’t directly coded in human DNA, can actually be passed on to children. Studies have shown that survivors of traumatic events may have effects in subsequent generations.

Any engineers who accept the challenge?

Sir Richard Branson is Willing To Give $3 Million to Whoever Can Save the Planet By Reinventing the Air Conditioner

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“Climate change wiped out the ‘Siberian unicorn'”

Climate change wiped out the 'Siberian unicorn'


New research has shed light on the origin and extinction of a giant, shaggy Ice Age rhinoceros known as the Siberian unicorn because of its extraordinary single horn.

“The Human Origin Story Has Changed Again, Thanks to New Discovery in Algeria”


The discovery of 2.4-million-year-old stone tools and butchered bones at a site in Algeria suggests our distant hominin relatives spread into the northern regions of Africa far earlier than archaeologists assumed. The find adds credence to the newly emerging suggestion that ancient hominins lived—and evolved—outside a supposed Garden of Eden in East Africa.

“EU Unveils Plan to Cut Emissions to Zero, in Bid to Save Planet”


The European Union unveiled its long-term vision on combating climate change in a push for more ambitious action on the environment just days after U.S. President Donald Trump rejected his government’s warning on the economic costs of global warming.

The 28-nation bloc, responsible for 10 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, set a 2050 perspective to help give direction to member states, companies and citizens to anticipate costs in fighting temperature increases. The EU’s updated strategy comes a week before representatives from almost 200 countries are due to meet in Poland for an annual conference on addressing climate change.

“Can the pine marten help forest animals flourish once more? “

Andrew Stringer from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust gestures excitedly at a large hollow high up in the gnarled trunk of a 200-year-old oak tree in the Forest of Dean.

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Hundreds of apparently ‘flash-frozen’ turtles wash ashore in New England

Recent cold snap see’s a higher number than usual of critically endangered turtles stranded during their migration south.

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