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“Cow Urine Can Sell for More Than Milk in India”

Vikash Gupta.


Distilled urine from female cattle currently fetches at least as much as milk in India.


“Mr. President, World’s Worst Air Took 6 Hours Off Your Life”



U.S. President Barack Obama could lose roughly 6 hours from his expected lifespan after spending three days in India’s capital inhaling the world’s most toxic air.

Conspicuous Absences at the United Nations Panel on Climate Control


Chart showing the growth in carbon dioxide emissions from world’s top four regions from 1960 to 2013. Image: Global Carbon Project Photograph: Global Carbon Project


The Global Carbon Project (GCP) shows the reason why India and China were absent from the UNPCC this week.


The graphs of coal and cement CO2 emissions shows what they were doing instead.




“China and Indian Leaders Said to Skip UN Climate Summit”



The top leaders of China and India aren’t planning to attend this month’s United Nations summit on climate change, signaling tepid support for a global pact to cut greenhouse gases among two of the largest emitters.


India and China are committed to economic growth based on existing hydrocarbon sources, mainly coal, rather than the environment.

“India to Prepare Offshore Wind Plan Trade Group Says”



India is seeking advice from the European Union on how to develop its potential for generating electricity from offshore wind turbines.


India has relied heavily on Coal to date, but now it has seen the way the wind is blowing on the global commitment to reduce emissions. As one of the great polluters it needs to change its policy.