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“President Obama Adds $75 Million Artificial Photosynthesis Project To Rhymes-With-Bucket List”


The Obama Administration has just announced $75 million in new funding to pursue artificial photosynthesis. Doesn’t that sound like one of those silly research projects that certain people were laughing about during the last election cycle? Well, he who laughs last, laughs best. The money will go to continue the work of JCAP, the Energy Department’s Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, which has been busily figuring out ways to make liquid fuel from sunlight and carbon dioxide.



“Plastics Choking Animals Targeted in G-7 Clean-Ocean Push”

The biggest advanced economies plan to urge the world to clean up plastic shopping bags and bottles clogging oceans, prodded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany will put the cleanup on the agenda of the Group of Seven nations for the first time at the G-7’s summit in June in the Bavarian Alps, Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said in an interview. The goal is to encourage countries to reduce waste from plastic and tiny beads added to body scrubs and toothpastes that pollute the sea and kill marine life.

“Oceans are world’s seventh largest economy worth $24tn, says WWF report”

The monetary value of the world’s oceans has been estimated at US$24tn in a new report that warns that overfishing, pollution and climate change are putting an unprecedented strain upon marine ecosystems.


“Look at the Earth – it is beautiful and empowering”

All the air: All the air in the atmosphere (5140 trillion tonnes) gathered into a ball at sea-level density. The sphere is 2,000 km across. Air gets thinner the further you are from the surface of the Earth. Half the air in the atmosphere lies within 5.5 km of the ground.


Looking at the Earth can be an empowering experience: it can alter our sense of relationship with it and our role in protecting it. Earth Day is a celebration of the Earth but also of historic and continuing efforts to look after it. So this is a good moment to reflect on the importance of really engaging with the Earth.


“Adidas Wants To Make Shoes And Clothing Using Plastic Garbage From The Ocean”


In an effort to bolster its commitment to sustainability, Adidas announced on Monday that it would begin developing materials out of plastic ocean waste to ultimately use in its products.

“Fossil fuels to be stranded by economics, innovation and climate”

Fossil fuel.companies face an increasingly “acute” risk of becoming “stranded assets”, as a result of climate change policies, changing economics such as plunging commodity prices, and the impact of new technologies such as solar and storage.


“Mary Robinson: Developing nations must move rapidly beyond fossil fuels”

Rich world must support poorest countries to transition from fossil fuels much faster than they have to keep unburnable reserves in the ground, says UN climate change envoy.

“Climate Change Blamed as New Flood Plains Plague Mozambique”

Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management blames climate change for the worsening floods, which this year wiped out crops and left tens of thousands homeless. The agency has had to redraft maps devised seven years ago to identify new zones out of reach of the rising waters, said Mauricio Xerinda, a director.

“Climate Change Does Have Some Winners, Like Brain-Eating Parasites.”

“Evolution in action: climate change, biodiversity dynamics and emerging infectious disease [EID].”

It’s a myth there are no big winners from climate change besides fossil fuel companies.

“The appearance of infectious diseases in new places and new hosts, such as West Nile virus and Ebola, is a predictable result of climate change,”