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Experts fear impact of China lifting trade ban on tiger and rhino parts

Experts fear impact of China lifting trade ban on tiger and rhino parts


China’s recent investment in Africa has sparked much debate over the environmental impacts it may cause. Lifting this ban may further the environmental damage and spark greater debate over China’s environmental footprint in Africa.

“Belgian zoo shortens rhinos’ horns after French killing”


A Belgian zoo said Saturday it will shorten its rhinos’ horns as an anti-poaching measure following the grisly killing of a white rhino in France.

“Poachers kill one of Africa’s last remaining ‘big tusker’ elephants”

Screengrab of Satao II, a 50 year old elephant who was killed by poachers in Tsavo National park in Kenya. Photo KTN screengrab


One of Africa’s oldest and largest elephants has been killed by poachers in Kenya, according to a conservation group that protects a dwindling group of “big tuskers” estimated to be as few as 25.

“Elephant poaching costing African nations millions in lost tourism revenue”

Tourists watch an elephant in Amboseli national park, Kenya. The study found that the revenue losses were higher than paying for stronger anti-poaching measures.


Researchers looked at visitor and elephant data across 25 countries, and modelled financial losses from fewer visitors in protected areas due to the illegal wildlife trade, which has caused elephant numbers to plummet by more than 100,000 in the last decade. They concluded that Africa was most likely losing $25m in tourism revenue a year.

“Saving Africa’s elephants: ‘Can you imagine them no longer existing?'”

The Samburu National Reserve


Across Africa, poaching is on the rise. Progress is being made here and there, but the battle to save the largest animals on the Earth is far from being won.

“African elephants ‘killed faster than they are being born'”

A herd of African elephants drinking at a muddy waterhole, Zimbabwe. Around 60% of elephant deaths are at the hands of poachers, figures show.


More African elephants are being killed for ivory than are being born, despite poaching levels falling for the fourth year in a row in 2015.

“South Sudan Says 500 Elephants May Have Died During Two-Year War”



At least 500 elephants may have been killed during South Sudan’s two-year civil war, including 15 slaughtered in one day last month, the African nation’s wildlife service said.

The oil-producing country’s elephants, which numbered 5,000 in a 2012 nationwide survey, are still at heavy risk from poaching, said Major-General Philip Chol Majak, the agency’s director-general, a year after warning of severe losses to wildlife caused by civilians, rebels and government forces.

“Zimbabwe Discovers Another 22 Elephants Poisoned by Cyanide”



Zimbabwe wildlife officials found the carcasses of 22 elephants poisoned by cyanide in the country’s biggest game reserve, Hwange National Park.

The discovery was made in the same area of the park that the bodies of at least 26 other poisoned elephants were found earlier this month, Alvin Ncube, chairman of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority, said by phone Monday.

“Namibia Loses 77 Rhinos to Poaching So Far This Year, Police Say”

Namibian Rhino


Poachers have killed 77 rhinos in Namibia so far this year, according to a report from the country’s police service.

The latest rhino to be killed for its horn was discovered on Wednesday in the northern Kunene region, the police service said in an e-mailed statement.