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“This Giant Ice Cube Represents How Much Ice We’re Losing Every Year”


“We talk about ice a lot here on Earther—or more specifically, the growing absence of it. A new study puts what’s happening to the planet in striking perspective. While I can tell you the results show 1.2 trillion tons of ice disappeared every year since 1994, it’s a lot easier to grasp as a visual.”

“Why Europe Is Slowing Down”

Traffic travels along the M60 motorway in the U.K., where a pilot project will soon be dropping speed limits. 


Health, safety and environmental concerns — plus the pandemic — appear to be hastening the movement to drop speed limits in the E.U. and U.K.

“‘No one can self-isolate from climate change’; UK, French central banks urge action”

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey poses for a photograph on the first day of his new role at the Central Bank in London


Governments must rebuild their economies after the coronavirus crisis to withstand the next shock heading their way – climate change, the central bank governors of Britain and France have said.

“Climate crisis: Tropical rainforest ‘tipping point’ identified as scientists call for immediate action to tackle global warming”

The Amazon is among the rainforests most at risk from rising temperatures


Tropical rainforests’ vital ability to store carbon is under threat due to rising global temperatures, and the Amazon is particularly at risk, scientists have warned.

Calling for “immediate steps” to conserve forests and stabilise the global climate, the authors of a study based on research from 600 sites around the world said that beyond a maximum daily temperature of 32.2C, trees get too hot and dry, causing them to die and release their stores of carbon.

“Africans are building a Great Green Wall of trees across the continent to slow down the Saharan”


Twenty-one African countries have come together in an attempt to stop the Sahara desert from encroaching further south. Their mission: plant a 4,750-mile-long wall of trees.

Making the Fed’s Money Printer Go Brrrr for the Planet

warm future illo


We have to save the biosphere from catastrophic heating. We also have a market that won’t invest enough in this project. So governments need to do it, by way of creating new money specifically targeted to pay for rapid decarbonization.

“Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years”

A reef researcher inspects some bleached coral


Warmer sea temperatures – particularly in February – are feared to have caused huge coral loss across the world’s largest reef system.

“A heat wave in Antarctica melted 20% of an island’s snow in 9 days”


A nine-day heat wave scorched Antarctica’s northern tip earlier this month. New NASA images reveal that nearly a quarter of an Antarctic island’s snow cover melted in that time — an increasingly common symptom of the climate crisis.