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“Rating riverside corridors — the ‘escape routes’ for animals under climate change”

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While riverside habitats are known to be important for species migrating under climate change, this is the first study to rank riparian areas as targets for restoration and conservation efforts.


“Russian town invaded by polar bears forced to set up street patrols while residents only dare travel by car”

Polar bears have been filmed entering homes in Belushya Guba, a military town on the Arctic island of Novaya Zemlya


Residents of a Russian town invaded by polar bears have said they are taking children to school by car and patrolling the streets with stun grenades as they wait for bear experts to arrive.

“A Third Of Himalayan Glaciers Can No Longer Be Saved, Study Says”


Two-thirds of Himalayan glaciers, the world’s “Third Pole”, could melt by 2100 if global emissions are not reduced, scientists warned in a new study issued on Monday. And even if the “most ambitious” Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is achieved, one-third of the glaciers would go, according to the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment.

“Glacial melts in the Canadian Arctic reveal land that hasn’t been seen in more than 40,000 years”

baffin island canada


Melting ice is exposing hidden landscapes in the Canadian Arctic that haven’t been seen in more than 40,000 years, new research published in Nature Communications reveals.


“Warm water is attracting bluefin tuna to Britain”


Bluefin tuna are showing up in European waters in increasing numbers.

While conservationists and recreational anglers were debating whether or not the endangered fish species should be caught, scientists in France were trying to figure out why they’re relocating.

“Wildfires in Sweden Signal Europe’s Climate Disaster Is Growing”


Hannele Arvonen, the owner of one of Sweden’s largest lumber yards, is spending the winter months planning for a new and unexpected threat to her business: regular wildfires raging just south of the Arctic Circle.

Her business, Setra Group AB, had a tense summer as firefighters fought back fires raging through Sweden’s densely-forested Gaevleborg region during a drought that lasted months. Workers there are still painstakingly trying to recover sellable wood from the charred remains of tree stumps.

“What the world needs now to fight climate change is more swamps”

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  • The world needs more swamps — and bogs, fens, marshes and other types of wetlands.

  • Wetlands are some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems on Earth, irreplaceable tools for slowing the pace of climate change.

  • They are extremely efficient at pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and converting it into living plants and carbon-rich soil.

  • But throughout history, wetlands have been viewed as wastelands to be “reclaimed” for higher uses — many modern cities around the world are built on filled wetlands.

“The world’s biggest farms pollute more than any oil company”

Healthy Holstein dairy cows feed at a farm in central Washington.


The world’s biggest meat and dairy operations combined pump more greenhouse gas into Earth’s warming atmosphere than any one of the largest fossil-fuel giants.

“Pet food is an environmental disaster – are vegan dogs the answer?”

Can eco-conscious cats and dogs survive on a vegan diet?


A quarter of the impact of meat production comes from the pet-food industry. Has the time come to change what we feed our dogs and cats?