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Conservation efforts on UK coasts help rare marine life make comeback

Conservation efforts on coasts around the UK have helped rare marine life including seahorses and basking sharks make an unexpected comeback.

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“Mirrors have revealed something new about manta rays – and it reflects badly on us”

Manta rays pass the mirror self-recognition test developed as a way to determine whether a non-human animal has the ability to recognise themselves


Humans make huge use of marine vertebrates, but manta rays may pass the self-awareness test and other fish potentially could too. Ethically, where does that leave us?

“Squid set to top chippy menus as seawater warms up”

fish and chips on a plate


It is the meal most associated with the UK, along with slurping tea and moaning about the weather. But the great British fish supper could be on the way out, replaced by more continental variations such as squid and chips, as seas continue to warm, the British Ecological Society will be told this week.

“Fish near angling hotspots are more clever, avoid capture”


New research out of the University of Queensland confirms what many fishermen likely already suspected — the fish near angling hotspots are smarter.

“Frozen-solid fish defrosts in warm water, returns ‘to life'”


A video filmed in China appears to show a frozen-solid fish defrosting in warm water and returning “to life,” moving and swimming on its own.

“Fish which walks out of water and breathes on land for six days ‘could spell major disaster’ for wildlife in Australia”



A bizarre and seemingly super-powered fish which can walk out of water and breathe on land for up to six days could spell a ‘major disaster’ for wildlife, scientists have warned.

The aggressive climbing perch, which has lungs as well as gills, has been discovered in northern Australia.

“Fish-Choking Balls Have States Limiting Cosmetic Contents”



Microbeads, the tiny plastic balls added to body scrubs and toothpastes by such manufacturers as L’Oreal SA (OR) andProcter & Gamble Co. (PG), were marketed as the greatest beauty aid since cold cream. Now fish have a gut full, and some U.S. and state lawmakers want the ingredient banned.



We are what we eat, so if microbeads are in the food chain it’s a problem for humans as well as fish.