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“In Jungle Long Known for Cocaine, a Rare Nut Is Now All the Rage”

For decades, if not centuries, the Amazon dwellers of southern Colombia didn’t make too much of the cacay nut. They fed it to their livestock, used it to treat wounds and chopped down its trees for firewood.

But then, a few years ago, the global jet-setting crowd found out what the yellow-ish oil from the protein-rich nut could do for their skin. And suddenly, the cacay (pronounced kahk-ai) has become a red-hot commodity, providing the key ingredient to anti-aging facial creams that can fetch $200 an ounce in beauty shops in Los Angeles and London.


“North sea cod stocks bounce back, analysis shows”

North Sea cod stocks are improving rapidly and could be certified as sustainable within five years, according to fresh analysis.

The fish, once one of the most disastrous examples of overfishing, is now closer to being certified as being sustainable as gurnard, a species which consumers have previously been encouraged to eat instead of cod.

“Spain Wolf-Hunt Price Drop Shows Old Predator Gets New Appraisal”

While still viewed as an ancestral foe in the Spanish highlands — a wolf corpse was left hanging from an Asturian road sign last month — farmers and conservationists are finding enough common ground to allow the mythical predators to survive in their natural habitat, said Fernando Fernandez, a spokesman on rural affairs for the Cantabrian Regionalist Party.

“Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures”

To view the whole book and join the campaign visit this link.

“Long-Awaited ‘Jump’ In Global Warming Now Appears ‘Imminent’”

We may be witnessing the start of the long-awaited jump in global temperatures. There is “a vast and growing body of research,” as Climate Central explained in February. “Humanity is about to experience a historically unprecedented spike in temperatures.”



“California restricts water as snowpack survey finds ‘no snow whatsoever'”

Governor Jerry Brown orders unprecedented and mandatory water regulations on residents to reduce statewide water use as drought stretches into a fourth year.

The governor of California has ordered unprecedented and mandatory water restrictions in the state as officials conducted a regular measurement of the Sierra Nevada snowpack and found “no snow whatsoever” amid the state’s ongoing drought.

“This Is How The U.S. Plans To Tackle Climate Change In The Next Decade And Beyond”


Tuesday, March 31 is the informal deadline for countries to submit their climate commitments to the post-2020 United Nations’ climate agreement — the latest, and one of the most important, steps toward the final round of talks to be held in Paris at the end of the year.

On Friday, Mexico formally submitted its post-2020 target, and the U.S. is expected to submit their plan by the end of the day Tuesday, according to White House officials. The plan will be very similar to the pledge the U.S. made late in 2014 in a joint statement with China to reduce emissions by roughly 28 percent by 2025.