Just a thought

The other day I was day dreaming about all the places in the world I want to one day visit. After a morning of imaging I began to realise how much damage that would do to the environment. Planes produce A LOT of emissions. After bursting my own bubble I began to think of ways I could still do some travelling in a carbon neutral way. My mind explored the ideas of walking, rowing and biking but these all were a bit unrealistic. Eventually though I arrived at a rather simple solution. What if I were to plant a tree each time a flew abroad? That would surely minimise the impacts. I thought this would be a great scheme for airlines to partake in. If they were to offer the customer the chance to plant a tree for an extra cost on top of their ticket price how many people would? It would clear the conscience of many environmentalists I’m sure. So what do you think? Let me know if you have any opinions on the idea (even if you think its just plain stupid).


About isabellew9873

My name is Isabelle Whitehead. I was a member of the Bolton School group on the Operation Wallacea 2015 expedition to Peru.

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