“Remarkable spider with a tail found preserved in amber after 100 million years”

Remarkable spider with a tail found preserved in amber after 100 million years


An extraordinary new species of arachnid, resembling a spider with a tail, has been discovered in amber from Myanmar (formerly Burma), of mid-Cretaceous age, around 100 million years ago.



“Climate Change Just Got a Little Less Terrible”


A new analysis rules out the worst case scenario. But without radical change, we’re still in plenty of danger.

“Despite polar progress, ozone layer continues to deteriorate”

A coloured satellite map of atmospheric ozone in the southern hemisphere between mid-August and early October 1998. An ozone "hole" is seen over Antarctica.


Pointing to the recovery of the ozone layer as humanity’s one great triumph of environmental remediation may have been premature, a new report warns.

“Attack of the Clones: Creature That Started as Pet Now Multiplying Out of Control”


Most species of crayfish reproduce the same way that humans do: by having sex. But one species of crayfish that evolved out of the pet trade can do something unique—clone itself—and this ability has led populations of the crustacean to spawn out of control.

“Polar bears could become extinct faster than was feared, study says”


Polar bears could be sliding towards extinction faster than previously feared, with the animals facing an increasing struggle to find enough food to survive as climate change steadily transforms their environment.

“VW suspends media chief amid scandal over fume tests on monkeys”

A protester wears a mask and a placard reading ‘diesel emissions kill’ in front of the German transport ministry in Berlin.


The carmaker Volkswagen has suspended its head of external relations and sustainability after admitting that he had known about experiments in which monkeys were locked in small chambers and exposed to diesel exhaust.

“Killer whale Wikie proves orcas can mimic human speech”


An orca, or killer whale, in France can vocalize several English words, suggesting the species is capable of mimicking human speech.

“Hundreds of wildflower species found blooming in midwinter”

The daisy, Bellis perennis


UK survey finds 532 types – far more than older textbooks suggest should be out