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“Why volcanoes are the energy source of the future”

In Iceland, scientists have just completed a successful experiment in harnessing energy directly from a volcano.


It would be interesting to see how cost-effective this form of renewable energy is compared to others. Would energy companies get a higher or lower profit?


“IRENA Showcases Sustainable Energy Future”



The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) wrapped up a week of high-level meetings and deliberations in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, further strengthening the international commitment to a sustainable energy future.

On Monday (20 January), IRENA revealed key findings of REmap 2030, a roadmap for doubling the share of renewables in the global energy mix. Earlier (18 January), IRENA launched an enlarged version of the Global Atlas for Renewable Energy, a free online tool that helps policy makers and investors better understand the renewable energy resources at their disposal. The Agency also launched its Renewable Costing Alliance (19 January), which lets companies and organisations in the sector confidentially share real-world data on deployment costs.


Funny how IRENA was making some 2030 projections just at the same time the EU announced it would be cutting emissions by 40% in 2030. 2030 is a big year for renewable energy and the World in general.

Those interested can download the full Roadmap at this link.

Those interested can download the Energy Atlas at this link.

The bottom line is that IRENA believes that renewables could double their share of energy production by 2030.

Other bullet points are:


> IRENA’s projection is very middle of the road. It falls right in the middle between the WWF/Greenpeace optimistic renewable extreme and the Exxon pessimistic renewable/optimistic hydrocarbon extreme. There appears to be no bias in IRENA’s projection. IRENA’s projection can therefore be seen as objective and practically achievable. It may also be a very conservative estimate, which understates the real potential growth of renewables.


> IRENA sees the pervasive growth of renewables in all sectors of the global economy.

figure5(1) figure5(2)

> Between now and 2030 the Power Generation and Transport Sectors drive the growth of renewable energy; as it transforms from being a purely customer based energy solution to a commercially viable energy source.


> Governments continue to underestimate the potential of renewables.


> The biggest loser from renewable substitution is Coal. The “King is Most Certainly Dead , long live the Renewable Energy King”.

“Solar Pioneer Says Fukushima Can Make Japan Clean Energy Hotbed”



Japan should be able to turn the energy woes triggered by the 2011 Fukushima disaster into a chance to integrate more clean energy, said an industry expert.


Economic necessity means Japan must turn this crisis into an opportunity.


“Solar Boom Boosts South African Salaries With 25% Jobless “


“Clean-energy developers are being lured by government incentives and about 360 days of sunshine a year.”


What’s really causing the boom, government incentives or the sunshine?


“China Encourages Power Grid Purchase of Solar to Boost Capacity”



Interesting way for a government to “encourage” the power generating industry to pay for the investment in clean energy.