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“Rhino-Horn Auction by World’s Biggest Breeder to Go Ahead”


An auction of rhino horns from the stockpiles of the world’s biggest private breeder will go ahead Monday after a South African court ordered that the government release permits for them.

“South Africa Sees Poaching Intensify as 749 Rhinos Killed”

Crime scene investigator examines a recently poached rhino in Kruger National Park, South Africa.


Rhino poaching in South Africa has intensified this year after a record number of animals were killed in 2014, according to Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa.

In the period to Aug. 27, 749 rhinos were poached compared with 716 in the same time frame last year, Molewa told reporters on Sunday in the capital, Pretoria. Of that total, 544 were killed in the 2 million-hectare Kruger National Park, which borders Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

“U.S. Mulls Help for Africa to Hunt Down Wildlife Poachers”

White Rhinos


U.S. intelligence agencies are considering whether to provide information, analysis and possibly tactical lessons to African governments about how to attack wildlife poaching networks, according to a top official.

“Rhino Poaching Death Toll Reaches Record in South Africa”



A record 1,020 rhinos have been killed by poachers for their horns in South Africathis year, more than all of 2013 and triple the number four years ago.

“S. Africa Mulls Legal Rhino Trade as It Slows Poaching”



South Africa, home to most of the world’s rhinos, said while it’s seeing success in slowing the increase in the rate of rhino poaching, it’s considering advocating the legalizing of rhino-horn trade to stop the killing of the animals.

“South Africa considers plan to move rhinos to protect them from poachers”

Playful Baby Rhino And Its Mother In South Africa


South Africa‘s Kruger national park is considering a plan to move some rhinos out of the wildlife reserve in an attempt to protect them from poachers.

“Here’s What Might Happen to Local Ecosystems If All the Rhinos Disappear”



African landscapes may become very different places if rhinos aren’t there to diversify plant life and create prime grazing spots for other animals

Some large animals influence their surroundings more than others. Elephants are known as ecosystem engineers for their tendency to push over trees and stomp shrubby areas in the savannah into submission.

African rhinos, it turns out, also seem to be a keystone species. According to a recent study published by Scandinavian and South African researchers in the Journal of Ecology, rhinos maintain the diverse African grasslands on which countless other species depend.