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“Nuclear leaks bill will be paid by taxpayer”


The private consortium that will manage the decommissioning of Britain’s ageing Magnox nuclear reactors will not be held financially liable if they suffer a major radioactive incident – even if it costs billions of pounds to clear up, it has emerged.


Is cheap energy really worth the health risks? Previous history with nuclear power doesn’t give us much confidence.


“U.K. Support for EDF Atomic Deal May Distort Market, Europe Says”



U.K. support for Electricite de France SA’s plan to build Britain’s first nuclear plant in a quarter century may distort the market, the European Commission said, in a threat to government plans for an atomic renaissance.

The U.K. offered a credit guarantee and so-called contract-for difference at a price of 92.50 pounds a megawatt-hour for 35 years at the Hinkley Point site, double today’s market rate.




Britain can legitimately argue that the cost and risk of a nuclear project is so large that the risk-taker must be given government guarantees and incentives over the long-term. On the flip-side it looks like another issue that is pushing Britain out of the EU. Energy Security in Britain is clearly not a shared policy as the EU would like it to be. It looks like a deal-breaker on EU membership unless a compromise can be negotiated. France is in a sticky situation because EDF is a French company; so let’s see how they handle “le compromise” when Mr Cameron meets Mr Hollande in the near future.

“Merkel Embraces Coal as Rookie Lawmaker Makes Mark on Policy”


“For a first-time lawmaker, coal promoter Ulrich Freese made the most of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pledge to counter rising power prices.”


“Choose your poison”


Germany’s commitment to phase out nuclear power, after Fukushima, makes energy prices so much higher that “dirty” Lignite Coal is now being considered as a substitute. Beggars can’t be choosers!!


“South Korea Targets 29 Percent Nuclear Power Reliance by 2035”


“Nuclear power will account for 29 percent of South Korea’s power generation capacity in 2035, lower than a 41 percent goal introduced in 2008, according to a draft proposal of the country’s next long-term energy plan.”

“Fukushima Investigator Says Atomic Power Needs Global Black Box”