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“The world’s biggest farms pollute more than any oil company”

Healthy Holstein dairy cows feed at a farm in central Washington.


The world’s biggest meat and dairy operations combined pump more greenhouse gas into Earth’s warming atmosphere than any one of the largest fossil-fuel giants.

“Is promoting vegetarianism a form of colonialism?”

Yes, raising cattle on desert scrubland makes more sense than growing vegetables in the desert. But it's more complex than that. Cattle standing in a field.


In places where there’s limited land and a surplus of water, it makes a lot of sense to optimize for land. So there, grow & eat crops.

And in places where there’s a lot of land and limited water, it makes sense to optimize for water. So there, grow & eat ruminants.

“Red list: thousands of species at risk of extinction due to human activity”

A northern brown kiwi in New Zealand


Unsustainable farming, fishing and climate change has intensified the struggle for survival among vulnerable animals and crops, says IUCN at the release of its latest list of endangered species

“How Underwater Gardening Can Rewild The Atlantic Ocean”


From the use of seaweed for bleaching linen, to Roman emperors eating oysters as aphrodisiacs, human culture along the North Atlantic coast has been integrally linked to the exploitation of the sea for centuries. But as populations have expanded and economies grown, people have impoverished the ocean.

“Farmland bird decline prompts renewed calls for agriculture overhaul”

Farmland bird populations have declined by 56% since 1970.


Birds living and breeding on the UK’s farmland have seen numbers decline by almost a tenth in five years, official figures show.

“Vertical farming explained: how cities could be food producers of the future”

Populations are growing and cities are booming – but could we soon see skyscrapers turned into centres for crop production? From Chicago warehouses to the south pole growth chamber in Antarctica, the concept of growing food indoors is catching on. Plant scientist Dr Erik Murchie, from the University of Nottingham, reveals how agriculture could be turned on its head.

Could this be the solution to the growing demand for food?

Cities could become almost completely self-sufficient; they have the opportunity to produce both food and energy.