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“Europe Divided on Supply Security as Green Power Gains”



European Union governments and the bloc’s executive arm are splitting over how to guarantee electricity supply as the region builds more renewable power……..

Germany, France and the U.K. are following nations from Spain to Greece in developing programs called capacity mechanisms to pay utilities to keep plants on standby from as early as 2016. The European Commission instead plans a single energy market by the end of the year and from today will link supply and demand in 15 markets through a daily auction…….

………Nations are seeking to prevent blackouts as utilities plan the biggest-ever wave of shutdowns of unprofitable power plants……


An interesting political game is being played. Commitment to EU energy emission targets has led to the shutdown of plants, which is now threatening blackouts and energy security at the nation level. Having created the problem, the EU now wishes to force the solution via a shared energy market. It seems that nation states are still holding out though.


“Show Me the Money!”


EU Environment Panel Backs Faster Approval of Carbon Fix


The European Parliament’s environment committee agreed to accelerate the adoption of a rescue plan for the bloc’s emissions market, which the European Commission wants to start as soon as possible.

The rescue plan involves delaying the sale of some permits to help prices rebound from levels the commission says are too low to discourage burning fossil fuels and spur investment in renewable energy. The cost of emitting one metric ton of carbon-dioxide has plunged 81 percent since 2008 amid a surplus of allowances exacerbated by the economic slowdown.


Neoclassical economic theory is not working. The fall in emission permit prices has not stimulated carbon intensive economic activity, which can be mitigated through buying cheap permits. Time for Plan B Keynesian Style. The price of emissions will be raised, which will then force companies to invest in clean technology to reduce emissions from their existing businesses. This capital investment will then create jobs and economic growth.


This European intervention strategy seems to fit the “Beautiful Alliance” very well. What a strange coincidence!

“Cameron Says EU Renewables Goal May Cost U.K. Billions”



Prime Minister David Cameron urged the European Commission to reject calls for a renewable energy target, saying the proposal would cost British consumers 9 billion pounds ($14.8 billion) a year by 2030.

In a letter to Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Cameron said the U.K. prefers a single target to reduce greenhouse gases instead of a set of three goals, including one for renewables, in the European Union’s new policy framework for the next decade.

“This will reduce unnecessary costs that our embattled energy sector is currently bearing, lowering energy prices across Europe, with consequential benefits to the EU’s growth and competitiveness,” Cameron wrote in the letter dated Dec. 4 and confirmed by an official in his office in London yesterday.


A “Euroskeptic” might suspect that the latest EU proposal to cut emissions 40% by 2030 was nothing more than an attempt to provide business for the “Beautiful Alliance” between the French and German renewable sectors. Or perhaps it just the fact that there will be an election soon in Britain, in which energy bills and anti-European sentiment will be important campaign issues. Maybe its a little bit of both.

“EU Proposes Ban on Cloning Farm Animals and Sale of Clone Meat”


Farm animal cloning should be banned in the European Union, along with imports of cloned livestock and sale of food from such animals, the European Commission, the 28-nation bloc’s executive arm, proposed.