Please download and complete the survey here.

A Partner is an organisation or a business that is willing to pledge a larger funding contribution than a Sponsor. In return, the Partner will become part of my Project.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the Project are to stimulate and participate in the debate about the question of who should ultimately pay for environmental protection; focusing on the demographic aged between eleven and eighteen.

“Generation Carbon”

This demographic has been alive since the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change began with the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. This is the important demographic who have a growing awareness of the environmental issues that they have inherited;  and the fact that they will have to deal with them as adults. They will thus have a strong impact on environmental decision-making; first by their parents and second as they become adults. Understanding how this demographic thinks and behaves is of great interest to companies and policy makers.

An essay which introduces and gives more explanation about “Generation Carbon” was published by Global Economic Intersection on February 4th 2014. The full essay can be found using this link  Introducing Generation Carbon v4.

I will be conducting a survey of this demographic, which I have named “Generation Carbon”,  to understand how it is thinking; and how it will behave in relation to  environmental issues. “Generation Carbon” will then be compared against other demographics in the survey.

Please download and complete the survey here.

Opportunities For Partners

  • Partners will be given privileged access to the survey results and conclusions. A Partner will therefore be able to fulfill some of its current environmental and corporate responsibilities, by supporting my Project whilst also receiving valuable market intelligence in return. Partners can build their environmentally friendly brand and consumer knowledge base as they simultaneously support an environmental cause.
  • Partners will be listed on this page and will have the opportunity to promote their contributions to the environment through this site and also through my activities in relation to the expedition.

To become a Partner please contact me at


A big thank you to John Lounsbury, the Managing Editor of Global Economic Intersection, for publishing my essay Generation Carbon.

The full essay is here  Introducing “Generation Carbon” v4.


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