“Guess Which Way the Doomsday Clock Just Ticked”


A group of scientists warn that human civilization is nearer destruction than at any time since 1953. Amid nuclear proliferation, American leadership that dismisses climate change—and in a nod to the 2016 U.S. presidential election—the risk of fake news sparking a crisis, the end is apparently a lot closer than it used to be.

Putting aside the risk of sudden global annihilation, the scientists see a slower doom that may also befall us. Last year was the warmest on record, while 16 of the planet’s 17 hottest years on record have come to pass since 2001. With an allusion to one Trump aide’s term for falsehoods about inaugural attendance, CIA relations, and voting fraud, David Titley, a climate science expert from Pennsylvania State University and bulletin member, said  “alternative facts will not make the challenge of climate change magically go away.”



About isabellew9873

My name is Isabelle Whitehead. I was a member of the Bolton School group on the Operation Wallacea 2015 expedition to Peru.

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