Word of the Day: Storage


Japan launches subsidies for lithium-ion battery storage


Japan has launched a subsidy programme to support the installation of lithium-ion battery-based stationary storage systems, offering to pay individuals and entities up to two-thirds of their purchase price.

Redflow targets 40% cut in battery storage costs by 2015


Redflow, a Brisbane-based developer of unique zinc-bromine “flow” batteries, says it is targeting a 40 per cent cut in the capital cost of energy storage systems by the end of next year.

Thinking big on energy storage can, and will, save money


The market for commercial-sized battery installations is set to grow in the US, with a number of case studies demonstrating that the financials for PV plus storage on a large scale can add up.

Solar storage market tipped to boom in Germany


Sales of residential solar storage systems in Germany are tipped to boom, with new figures projecting roughly 20-fold growth over the next four years.

Morgan Stanley: Tipping point nears for going off grid


Investment bank Morgan Stanley says it has been overwhelmed by the response to its recent analysis which suggested that the falling costs of both solar modules and battery storage presented a potential tipping point that would encourage huge numbers of homeowners and businesses in the US to go off grid.

Sure, they had heard that solar was proving popular, but had no idea of the size of the market that Morgan Stanley had identified. And while most had been sceptical of the potential impact of battery storage, they were intrigued by the potential cost falls that could be achieved by Tesla, the electric car company, and its ability to monitor power levels in batteries and schedule a battery swap in the case of depletion.

More importantly, the investors were particularly focused on how utilities might respond. Solar, they suggested, should be seen as an opportunity and utilities should look at ways of becoming enablers of these technologies, rather than barriers.

Mixed Greens: Most German solar installers offer storage


More than two-thirds of German PV installers are now offering energy storage options to their customers, and British and Italian counterparts are starting to do the same, according to a new report from EuPD Research. PV Tech reports that EuPD found Germany has the biggest uptake, because a percentage of storage system costs are paid as a direct subsidy to consumers. One third of Italian installers and a third of British installers surveyed said that they would begin offering storage this year. French installers did not intend to offer any more storage systems because electricity prices remained relatively low.


The ability to store solar produced electricity during the day, for use at night is the key enabling technology.


It also means that utility companies can’t buy cheap solar electricity when the sun is shining and then sell it more expensively at night back to the houses they bought from.




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