The Ultimate Eco Warrior


Enlightened Power: New Eco Warriors Are Really Well Armed

Windmill-hugging Europeans announced a plan last week to get 27 percent of their energy from renewables by 2030. If they don’t watch out, they may soon be upstaged by an unlikely eco warrior: the U.S. military.


U.S. armed forces have a target that’s similar to Europe’s — 25 percent renewables — but is on track to meet it five years sooner. Europe’s plan took a lot of heat last week for being unenforceable. By contrast, U.S. military goals aren’t just aspirational; they’re law.


So actually, the Greenest thing on the planet wears camouflage!!!  Even if America hasn’t signed up for Kyoto its armed forces have; and it’s the law. Maybe we should all think twice about breaking this particular law.


About isabellew9873

My name is Isabelle Whitehead. I was a member of the Bolton School group on the Operation Wallacea 2015 expedition to Peru.

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